Deus Ex

26 Jun 2000

Mac PC (Microsoft Windows)
9.1 rating
530 want
651 played
54 playing
23 reviews
Ion Storm
Square Enix
Eidos Montréal
Aspyr Media
Eidos Interactive



A philosophical first-person WRPG set in a dystopian 2052 in which JC Denton, a nano-augmented agent for the anti-terrorist organization UNATCO, is tasked with stopping the invasion of Liberty Island by the terrorist group NSF. As events unfold, Denton finds that he plays a large part in a world-spanning conspiracy which forces him to ponder his allegiances, beliefs, morality, and view of right and wrong.

played it for the first time recently and i can see why it's considered one of the best games of all time
12 Apr 2023
i’ve heard such amazing things but honestly can’t get past how it plays and operates. the graphics are charming and i like them it’s just a little too dated for me to fully enjoy the experience.
09 Jan 2023
The best game when we start the franchise
23 Apr 2024
Fuckin Masterpiece! No one, and i mean it literally, makes games like this anymore! Timeless Classic. JC Denton Goated!!
01 Apr 2024
The golden standard of imsims. The goofy writing is matched by the goofy gameplay. Has the gameplay aged? Yes. Is it funny that you have to use the brackets key? Yes. Does the lightsaber break the gameplay? Yes. 10/10
31 Jan 2024
Honestly I shoukd list the things I didn't like cause I'd be here all day compiling what I did.

There were a bit to many insta kills I felt I had to quick save at one to many points

Most of the Chinese characters not being voiced by chinese people was a bit lame but Ill give them the benefit of the doubt they didn't have enough budget.

The platforming could be jank at times.

But yeah this games incredible loved it to bits.
10 Nov 2023
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