BioShock Infinite

26 Feb 2013

Xbox 360 PC (Microsoft Windows) PlayStation 3 Linux Mac
9.3 rating
3738 want
13771 played
631 playing
448 reviews
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BioShock Infinite is the third game in the BioShock series. It is not a direct sequel/prequel to any of the previous BioShock games but takes place in an entirely different setting, although it shares similar features, gameplay and concepts with the previous games. BioShock Infinite features a range of environments that force the player to adapt, with different weapons and strategies for each situation. Interior spaces feature close combat with enemies, but unlike previous games set in Rapture, the setting of Infinite contains open spaces with emphasis on sniping and ranged combat against as many as fifteen enemies at once.

absolute masterpiece
23 Jan 2023
Ken Levine te chupo la polla
03 Oct 2023
Few games have managed to wow me as much as this one did. It was so epic and unique, and weird in the most wonderful, confusing way. It's definitely one of my all time favorites, far surpassing every BioShock that came before it.
02 Jan 2024
Father Comstock, more like father cumsock smh 😓🤘🏼
26 Feb 2023
i do not know what this game is about
04 Jan 2023
Couldn't complete it , such a fuckedup game
14 Feb 2024
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