Metro 2033

16 Mar 2010

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Metro 2033 is a first-person shooter with survival horror elements, based on the Russian book of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky. Most of the game takes place underground, but several times Artyom will have to venture outside, into the perpetual nuclear winter. Game progression is fairly linear, though areas may be explored more thoroughly for items and ammunition. Setpieces include a few on-rails sequences, missions that involve defending a location from an onslaught of monsters, and others. A few stages can be completed in a stealthy fashion.

RER B be like
29 Apr 2023
Note: This is my review of the og version of metro 2033, and since i already discussed the story and writing in the redux version, which i played first, i am just going to limit my comparisons to the technical and artistic aspects of it.

So the og version of metro 2033 can be a little rough to play if you played the redux version like me first, but it is still a worthwile journey, even if there were crashes and it does have a frame rate issue. Like from frame rate issues i mean it doesn't even hit 30 fps at times, so there is a lot of jittery feeling at points. And the crashes while not annoyingly frequent, can come out of nowhere.
The shooting also feels a little bit janky (though i love jank so i wasn't complaining) and the cutscenes changing camera angle instead of just playing out in first person view like the redux was definitely very weird. Like i think the half life 2 form of in game cutscenes playing out in real time is definitely far better than what the og game was going for, especially when it changes the angles out of nowhere but still decides to keep the main character out of frame. All in all, it was definitely a weird way of presentation, and i am glad they fixed it in redux and last light.

What i do like though, is how the og version of 2033 has a far more better agoraphobic effects, while the redux version is far better with claustrophobia.

What i mean is, the outside parts of the remake/redux version at point feels too fucking bright, but the more greyish look and lighting of the og definitely feels like it is a dangerous place to venture outside. And that i like it. Also, the monsters in this one, atleast some of the them, definitely looks scarier than the redux version. Especially the Nosalis and Librarians. I already loved the librarian sections in the redux version, but here, they were 20 times scarier with just how they looked. Even if low poly. And obviously with the grey cloudy filter coming from outside, it really looks like a hellscape of a place.
Though as i said, with its warmy orange glow and better lighting system, the redux version shines better in terms of the claustrophobic areas.

So, all in all, both versions of metro 2033 are great in their own rights. Even if I would personally prefer redux over the og, i would say that the og is still worth experiencing, if perhaps, before playing the redux. Yes, it was a great experiment, but you do get spoiled by a better controlling remake in a system that can run things on like 60-100 fps. But if you keep that spoiled brat attitude aside, then you realize that despite its issues, the og was the one which started it all, and it too has a really awesome charm and positives of its own, that are worth experiencing. So yeah, go for it. Either way you won't have a bad experience.
02 Feb 2024
It was an amazing experience
The atmosphere of this was one the best👌
25 Feb 2024
One of the best FPS game!
26 Oct 2023
Love the atmosphere and feeling starved for resources but too much handholding prevents its true potential
13 May 2023
Fantastic narrative mixed with well done in theme difficult gunplay that makes you afraid, chefs kiss
13 Mar 2023
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