Super Mario Odyssey
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Super Mario Odyssey

27 Oct 2017

Nintendo Switch
9.7 rating
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Explore incredible places far from the Mushroom Kingdom as you join Mario and his new ally Cappy on a massive, globe-trotting 3D adventure. Use amazing new abilities, like the power to capture and control objects, animals, and enemies to collect Power Moons so you can power up the Odyssey airship and save Princess Peach from Bowser’s wedding plans!

13 Oct 2022
999/999 Power Moons
Nintendo Switch
28 Jun 2023
It was fine. Completely overrated.
07 Dec 2023
(GOTY 2017)
26 Jul 2023
This was by far my favourite game of 2017, returning to the sandbox style level design like mario 64. The controls are the best in any of the 3D games zero issues with them. The levels themselves are so much fun to explore only some are a bit disappointing like the cloud and ruined kingdom (even if they are just boss arenas). The costumes and kingdom items are a great as they add a new reason to collect coins. The music is great no bad song in the whole game. And the capture ability was a great gimmick offering tones of fun in each world.
21 Apr 2023
This is honestly the most overrated game I've ever played. Yeah it's fun. Yeah, it's filled with content to the brim but...can we please talk about the lazy bosses??? It's the same four bosses all the time. and when you defeat one of them he is sudenly fine the next time. If you don't have any original bosses then cut 4 kingdoms off rather than let it be a repeat of the previous bossees...
The music wasn't bad. The graphical style is cute. The gameplay is fun (I'm really angry with the bosses tho :D). The locations left me slightly disapointed as well. There is extremely boring city location, the usual rage inducing water location, forest location and of course the final fire locations. My favorite location was honestly the first one with T-Rex. It wasnt that big and the T-rex was giving it a soul.

Honestly I feel like there is too much content (I know that's stupid thing to complain about) I honestly felt overwhelmed for half of the game time.
23 Mar 2024
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