The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

03 Mar 2017

Nintendo Switch Wii U
9.8 rating
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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the first 3D open-world game in the Zelda series. Link can travel anywhere and be equipped with weapons and armor found throughout the world to grant him various bonuses. Unlike many games in the series, Breath of the Wild does not impose a specific order in which quests or dungeons must be completed. While the game still has environmental obstacles such as weather effects, inhospitable lands, or powerful enemies, many of them can be overcome using the right method. A lot of critics ranked Breath of the Wild as one of the best video games of all time.

The first 10 hours was good, then we got 50 more behind.

A large world filled literally with nothingness. Botw is Boring, tedious, empty, repetitive as fuck. probably the worst Zelda 3d i've played so far.
17 Sep 2022
I've tried to get into this game twice and it just wasn't for me.
Very annoying controls and despite some cool puzzles the narrative just isn't quite hitting the spot.
31 May 2023
Oof. This game was hard to get through. An empty world. Weapons that constantly break. A forgettable story. This just didn't work for me.
19 Aug 2022
Late to playing this game but it has definitely become one of my all time favourite games
05 Nov 2022
*8.5 rating
Beautiful game, but nothing beats your first playthrough. Wish I could forget everything just to play it again for the first time.
19 Jan 2024
This game truly revolutionised the open world genre. The world is fun to explore and packed full of content such as, towns, enemy camps, shrines, and much more.

Each of the 120 shrines in this game all provide a puzzle or combat challenge which are all fun (except for the motion control shrine) and feel unique from each other and provide an appropriate reward.

The combat is fun and the weapon durability system forces you to use different weapons that aren’t just your strongest one.

Although the story is basic it’s not bad and the memory system makes sense since Link has been asleep for 100 years. The divine beasts each offer different puzzles specific for the elements they each represent and they each provide a fun boss at the end (although the design of the bosses feel very repetitive).

The Yiga clan provide a fun challenge as they follow you throughout the game and attempt to assassinate you. Their hideout is a very fun area of the game and their leader, Master Khoga is a very enjoyable character whenever he’s onscreen and his boss fight is very fun (though it is incredibly easy).

This game truly gives you complete freedom as if you want you can go straight to the final boss after the tutorial. The runes are very fun and useful tools that can be used for puzzle solving, traversal and combat.

In conclusion The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a truly phenomenal game and can only be described as a masterpiece. It was my favourite game of all time for many years until its sequel surpassed it. It truly revolutionised the Zelda series and open world games as a whole.

29 Jan 2024
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