Resident Evil 5

05 Mar 2009

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Resident Evil 5 is the seventh video game in the Resident Evil series. It features similar gameplay to Resident Evil 4 utilizing the same over the shoulder view, but this time the environment plays a significant role. The player is now dependent on his partner more than in older games. When the partner's health bar drop down to 0, he will enter the dying stage where the health bar will flash red and gradually lower as he stays like this. Resident Evil 5 also features new types of enemies called Majini and mostly are of African descent.

Resident evil 5 is one hell of a bombastic game and while not as addicting to me as re4, the gameplay is still solid enough to the point i played for 6 hours straight today to finish the game and its desperate struggle dlc and not for a single moment did i felt bored.
I do not attribute that lack of boredom to its bombastic actions though as much as i attribute it to its albeit linear in comparison to re4 but good nonetheless level design and gunplay and a suprisingly good ai (yes....this is another ashley case where if you complain that sheva's ai is bad then you are a terrible player because she is not. Just know what guns to give, don't horde all herbs to yourself, and know when to command her to cover and when to command her to attack and since item management is a thing, you need to manage both, and you should be good as she would actually be more helpful to you than you to her).
The guns have never felt this smooth to control and each impact feels amazing. Whether it be shotgun or machine guns or hanguns or sniper rifle, impacts of each gun felt amazing. The shooting is obviously more tweaked with a free camera for a more action purpose in comparison to re4's semi-horror approach, but it works and you won't find a complain there. It does rely too much on quick time though, which i do have an issue. Like the regular re4 quick times like kicking or doing a final blow to a boss or even, yes, punching a boulder. But i felt like it sneaked in at many other places that it didn't need to, and by the end, in comparison to re4, the qte's did felt like they overstayed their welcome.
The levels are great linear set pieces, you won't find much exploration here but they are definitely tightly crafted and felt purposeful to its combat encounters in each area. Except for the turret section, i felt that was kind of lame, but it still was fun enough, so i can let that chapter pass.
The enemy design, that's where my problem lies a bit. The african setting could've brought so many new types of monsters, but unfortunately this feels like a retread of the ganados from re4. Like i get it. I read the lore document and i understand the virus used in this game is an upgraded version of ganados virus from re4. And they are comparitively tougher. For example, the insect enemies in re4 were a breeze to get through, but in re5, you have to hit specific weakpoints in succession or it could OHK you. Which i like on the basis of challenge as even with regular enemies i noticed patterns that were more advanced than re4, but design wise, they could've done better. Like there is one new enemy type i believe, its those tall heighted masked ganados with spears you first meet in 3-1 but outside that...everything's a retread in terms of design. I don't mind the artstyle though including the brownish desert filter as unlike many games of its era, the filter suits this game's setting, and rhe environment and setpieces are actually pretty pretty to look at.
The story was amazing. Like, every resident evil game understands its own cheesiness to a certain extend, and that is why all of them are so lovable and this no different. The characters ham it up perfectly, especially the va for wesker. Dude kills it in the role. Sheva is also an amazing character and her partnership with chris is heartwarming. The level of trust mirrors your gameplay experience and it all rocks perfectly
perfectly. It even takes the spy elements from re4 and the mystery elements from code veronica and mixes it into a perfect action concotion while also being true to its lore and feelings, that the tension just rises and rises until the amazing conclusion. Yes, this, unlike re4, does lack horror in my opinion but i didn't felt the lack of it hurt me. Maybe because i know the series goes back to horror eventually, so this feels like another cake of this wonderful world and not a paranoia of the tone of the series and where it is heading. Though the crocodiles do give me nightmares.
The music is awesome. Like the sound design and the soundtrack both understands that this is a bombastic game but also understands that this is an re game, so you will get both panicky actiony tunes/sfx and tunes tension filled ones and some cheesy ones. Gotta love the cheesiness.
So yeah, i think time has been kinder to re5 and this game has aged pretty gracefully. Even if this was released today, the amazing setting of Africa and just the fun nature of the setting with likeable characters like josh and sheva to add to the mix and the best finale of any re game i have played so far.
08 Jul 2024
I can't bring myself to finish it.

Edit : I did finish it, the story is okey, wesker is a really cool concept and well represented in the game.

The scenarios are okey nothing more to say, not really super memorable.

The gameplay is resident evil 4, although it didn't fit the game cause it required more action oriented controlls.

Just don't play it on hard difficulty cause all they do its turn all enemies into bullet sponges to the point I though I was doing something wrong because the boss just wouldn't die.
08 Jan 2024
Resident evil 5 it is a good refresh for the series it has one of the best bosses not better than RE6 but its really good the co-op is very good and decent map design
10 Jun 2023
Capcom really be sweating if they ever make a remake of this one 💀
19 Apr 2024
Give me an egg 🥚
07 Apr 2024
The locations are not as interesting as in other resident evil games
30 Mar 2024
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