Rogue Warrior

26 Nov 2009

PC (Microsoft Windows) PlayStation 3 Xbox 360
5.4 rating
148 want
218 played
7 playing
11 reviews
Rebellion Developments
Bethesda Softworks



Rogue Warrior is a character-driven, first-person-shooter, featuring Richard Demo Dick Marcinko's explosive personality in an action-packed single player campaign, and intense multiplayer combat.

I'm assuming most people who would want to play this game in 2023 have seen clips of funny dialogue and oneliners. At least for me, that was the reason why I wanted to try it. When I heard the line "suck my balls, my big hairy balls", I just couldn't resist.
Playing this on PC is as painful as it gets because you'll have to apply several fixes first to get this running properly, but the question is: do you really want that? This game looks and plays like shit and the funny lines don't really make up for it. If that was the reason you wanted to play it, I would recommend you to just watch a youtube compilation.
13 May 2023

This might be the best worst fps of all time.
The problem is in the optimization,not the actual gameplay.Despite being so many flaws,it is actually fun.
Aiming Accuracy,headshots kills works like a typical shooter and it's good but the movement sway and camera sprinting with third person angle change while in cover is abysmal.
Twitching ragdoll physics of models are hilarious.Even if this game has bugs,it is absolutely entertaining.
The only good thing about this is Richard Marchinko himself also known as Dick,Rick,Demodick and this game is based on its autobiography written by himself named Rogue Warrior.
This game doesnt have any cutscenes or story telling,its just swearing and shooting and I m all up for it.
Bethesda wanted to make a game on his work but y'all know how is Bethesda when it comes to publishing with different developers.
He might be the real version of Duke Nukem and Marcus Fenix due to his fascinating personality.
Selecting difficulty is also hilarious,they just want you to play on normal.
If its easy,you're a pussy,if it's hard,you are fucking special huh?
This might be the first fps I ever encountered where it doesn't even have mouse input feature in main menu,not any settings to tweak with no subtitles to offer and While it has it moments with extreme profanity and swearing,it is genuinely entertaining for 2 hours of campaign.
I would buy that for a dollar or two.
Do I recommend it,if you're a fps afficiando,you might be surprised with this one.
Chug a drink and play this one,I did and I m dead xD

Rock and Roll Mofo,Rock and roll.
11 Jan 2024
Hilarious trash
11 Jul 2021
17 May 2024
Одиночная кампания пролетает за пару часов, без сюрпризов, с трагикомичным сценарием. «Фаталити» и элементы от третьего лица кажутся интересными, но все остальное действительно разочаровывает. По-настоящему разумно выйти из игры пораньше, удалить её и вместо этого поиграть во что-нибудь другое.
Сюжетец: 4/10
Геймплей: 6/10
Увлекательность: 6/10
Механика/Физика 3.5/10
Общее 4.8
02 Mar 2022
é engraçado como esse jogo consegue ser ruim em tudo. kkkk
13 Nov 2021
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