Metro: Last Light

14 May 2013

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Based on the Russian novel Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro: Last Light is a post-apocalyptic horror first-person shooter that serves as a new chapter in the Metro saga and is the sequel to Metro 2033. Like its predecessor, the game is a primarily story-driven shooter with heavy stealth elements. Artyom may carry up to three weapons at a time, however bullets are scarce and valuable to the point that higher grade bullets are, in fact, the Metro's currency. When dealing with armed opponents, stealth is encouraged and it is wise to save ammunition for the many mutant creatures encountered in combat. In many situations the player can choose between straightforward shooting and stealth, also having the option for lethal or non-lethal enemy takedowns.

Just a continuation of the first game and also a gem
13 Mar 2023
Greatly done stealth mechanics.
19 Nov 2022
Just a continuation from the first game. But still like it.
02 May 2024
this game was fantastic
It's literally the same as the first metro game but with better story and better missions, and these things make this game awesome🔥🔥🔥

If you enjoyed Metro 2033 , Im sure that you gonna love this one too💯

It has some simple boss fights, which I'm sure you will enjoy doing them, and it has a great story, same as the first game(or even better)

I just loved everything about this game, and I'm looking forward to play metro exodus❤️‍🔥

By the way, it still had some AI problems, but it didn't bother me while I played the game...
04 Mar 2024
Date : November 15 / 2033 - January 9 / 2024
Time : 16 Hours
Mode : Ranger Mode
Absolutely Astonishing... I'm Literally Traumatized 🤷🏻‍♀️
09 Jan 2024
everything was great except for those light seizures on long play which gives me extreme headache
07 Jan 2024
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