Batman: Arkham Asylum

25 Aug 2009

PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Mac Nintendo Switch Ouya PC (Microsoft Windows)
8.9 rating
1868 want
13161 played
689 playing
435 reviews
Rocksteady Studios
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Eidos Interactive



Using a great variety of gadgets you must make your way around the island, and the asylums halls to find and stop the joker. The game uses a 3-button combat system, but with a great number of gadget abilites which Batman can unlock. This makes for a very cinematic combat experience when fighting the Joker's goons.

Playtime: 11,4 h
Platform: Steam
28 Jun 2023
Sidenote: I wish the series continued with the Metroidvania elements because a 2D Metroidvania in the style of Metroid Dread with Batman would go hard as hell.

Arkham Asylum is such a great game. The atmosphere, boss fights, and even that crazy 4th wall break are some of the best in the trilogy. Honestly, I wish we got a better remaster because it takes away the darkest from the game. I wouldn't be surprised if we got a remake in a couple of years.
04 Dec 2023
Played on: Playstation 4 (Standard)
Version: Playstation 4 (Return To Arkham)
Edition: Digital

What a banger. This game nails the atmosphere & aesthetic of Batman. About every other year I find myself playing through it again. THAT is how you know you've achieved something special.

Final verdict: Buy it
08 Apr 2022
brilliant game
04 Jan 2023
It's a simple, but fun game. Nothing special.
15 Feb 2024
Awesome game, never gets old.
23 Jan 2024
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