Tekken 8

26 Jan 2024

PC (Microsoft Windows) PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X|S
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Tekken 8 is the eighth canon release and tenth overall entry in the Tekken series. The game's story features 32 former and new characters, each with their own narrative that contributes to the overall story. Tekken 8 features upgraded fighting elements and systems from its predecessor, it also introduces brand-new mechanics such as the "Heat" system and "Tornado" hits. Arcade Quest was another addition to their online mode which includes tournaments, arcade features, customizable avatars and specialized currency that is featured throughout the game.

Wow there is so much to unpack from this game. I kid you not I have been waiting for this game...like my whole life. Everything event that has happened in my life has lead me to this. And brace yourself cause this is a long one. I'm a tekken player since tekken 2 so a lot will be said. Right.. where to start...

Lee and lars teaming up...iconic what can I say. 2 underdogs who are brothers however not bio brothers and still having such a close relationship is honestly beautiful. Then we got jin...jin oh jin... still dealing with his daddy issues... however so cool seeing him throw a motor bike at helicopter. The game honestly however unsurprised has Amazing animations and looks so smooth and polished. There is so much hidden details that they paid attention to. Example Like Jin's sudden wings popping out and vanishing while he is jumping and kicking was such a nice lil details and a foreshadow later on once he enters the dream world. Kazuya still has moves from tekken 2 which was honestly a nice throw back that took me by surprise.

Devil Jin's ultimate looks incredible with the sword I still haven't made my mind yet if it is my favourite ultimate move. That I will need more time to dwell on. Kazuya on the other hand was in his omni man era killing people just cause....he's an angry dilf although very badass when announcing the new tournament. Lily looked hot and unbothered while kazuya spoke, which is relatable. My girl just got no fucks to give. I'm glad they also explored Jin's human side. It's nice to see how alisa and jin are loyal to each other still after so long and also exploring new relationships with his uncles Lee and lars as they were training their nephew. Marshall Law looked good however i felt like he got very disrespected in this game. He just felt so irrelevant and almost like a punch bag to everyone and this is a legacy character....which is questionable.

Paul.......I did not dig that design. End of story. I loved reina she was a great addition to the roster. She was a great actress if you know you know. Xiayou, panda, claudio, and zafina were defo the weirdest group to be working together but kinda cool. It's nice to see characters that dont interact much, suddenly actually interacting, although there were many scenes that lacked Zafina and i feel like she isnt really fully explored. Thats something id like to see in the future games.

Sometimes this game made funny choices like Leo thinking he can beat jin in a fight😭 lili forcing asuka to attend something is so lili. I'm glad they still kept her playful bitchy attitude. And im very happy as a Lili player that they didnt fuck her design over. King looked hot ain't gonna deny that. Steve I never cared for, this game would have been just fine without him, he was barely there. Shaheen looked good when has he ever not looked good. Dragunov is another character that I didn't really care for I think we are way past his prime and they're running out of story ideas for him. Yoshimitsu looked incredible as always this design is way better than the tekken 7 design and his awakened skill is beautiful although...again they didn't give him much I don't think you see him again after that 1 fight which is mind boggling....THIS IS A LEGACY CHARACTER HELLO???

And Bryan is a mix of wesker and krauser in tekken 8 lmao (AGAIN SAME ISSUE OF NOT DOING MUCH). Didn't really care for azucena. She doesn't fit in this game or storyline. (She was just put there to give lili another rival however she only has eyes for Asuka). Leroy looked great. And he gave jin some really inspiring advice. Didn't expect to see azazel again. It's been a minute since we last saw him. Maybe a dlc character in the future hopefully? I'd assume angel form and true devil form will eventually show up as dlcs. Well I hope.

Everyone vs kazuya was funny considering they got whooped however he did struggle which was surprising especially when Reina came in. Reina vs kazuya was epic, some of the best cut scenes in the game. The whole review doesn't fit here so I'll post a follow up review tomorrow
04 Feb 2024
Tekken has always been the best fighting game among its competition for me having the most arcade-ish game system mechanic and storyline. Especially with 8, a climactic resolution to a generational rivalry that ends in one of the crispiest fist fight ever seen in gaming. Unhinged, silly, and fun experience. Truly an epic fanservice not only at its best but also done right making players yearn for more Tekken. But for now, I'll be ready for the next battle!
15 Feb 2024
Best fighting game of all time
06 Mar 2024
This game is probably the best Tekken I’ve played in a long long time. The new mechanics are just so smooth and everything feels like it’s full of power. Love it.
03 Feb 2024

Tekken 8 is a masterpiece of fighting games that I have been enjoying on my PS5. I have been a fan of Tekken since the beginning, and I was amazed by how well this game delivered on its promise. The story mode was a roller coaster of emotions, with twists and turns that kept me hooked. It started strong, went to actually experiencing the King of Iron Fist Tournament which was amazing, to bland and rushed, to Dragon Ball Z and finished with a BANG! Sure, there were some plot holes and missing characters, but the finale was worth it. It was a satisfying conclusion to the Mishima saga, with both endings being epic and heartbreaking. Harada knows how to end a story with a boom, even if he makes a mess along the way. The gameplay was also flawless, with the new Heat mechanic adding a new layer of excitement and strategy. I don't think there is any room for improvement because it's already close to perfect. The roster was diverse and balanced, but I missed some of my favorites like EDDY GORDO and my main LEI. I know they will be added as DLC soon. The game also had plenty of offline content, such as the Ghost Player mode, which was a clever way to simulate online matches. Unfortunately, I could not test the online mode yet, because the servers were down. I hope they will fix them soon. The graphics were stunning, Unreal Engine 5 speaks for itself. The music was catchy and nostalgic, also with the Jukebox feature allowing me to customize my soundtrack from previous Tekken games. In summary, Tekken 8 is the best game in the series, and possibly the best fighting game ever. I have played many other fighting games, such as Mortal Kombat, Injustice, Killer Instinct and Street Fighter, but none of them can compare to Tekken 8.
24 Jan 2024
Wow.. I'm not a fan of that kinda games, but i think this is the coolest fighting game I've ever played in my whole life.
20 Apr 2024
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