Tekken 5

01 Sep 2004

PlayStation 2 Arcade
9.0 rating
212 want
2403 played
68 playing
56 reviews
Sony Computer Entertainment



After the death of Heihachi Mishima, the fifth King of Iron Fist Tournament began. Tekken 5 lets you join this battle as one of many characters, including three fighters who are new to the Tekken series. This time, the environments feature destructible objects and dangerous obstacles. Customize your character with a variety of accessories, such as beanies, glasses, and costumes. Beat the game with each character to learn his or her story.

8.5/10 My first introduction to Tekken games and fighting games in general. The game itself can be fun and frustrating,intro sparking was great,my favorite characters are Jin,Nina,Raven and Feng. Every character got unique moveset.Definetly a replayable game. Story battles,3d Devil within was fun although I wasn't a fan of every final boss fight being Jinpachi because he is frustrating to deal with. I also noticed that Devil Jin is usually in stage 8.You can unlock characters playing a tournament beating 9 competitors with each character.Tekken 5 did something interesting. There is a option to play arcade version,and you can play first 3 games inside this one.I'm so glad I bought PS2,I'm having a blast with these games,screw modern day gaming,this is what gaming was
27 Jun 2024
One the best video games for it's time, in terms of everything.
Also a perfect tekken game except for very little tiny things that could make it flawless or more epic and addictive like TTT2.
25 Feb 2024
13 Jan 2024
I love this game, my favorite
29 Oct 2023
I loved it
17 Feb 2023
played at the arcade
05 Feb 2022
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