Get Even

23 Jun 2017

PC (Microsoft Windows) PlayStation 4 Xbox One
7.4 rating
806 want
506 played
49 playing
15 reviews
The Farm 51
Bandai Namco Entertainment



"Take a deep breath..." Try to remember: a girl, a chair, a bomb. Just keep... calm. Follow the voice into the depths of your memory. Relax... and search for the darkest memories in the deepest recesses of your mind. Can you find her? The clock is ticking... And this is just a part of the treatment.

story is an important part in a video game but when you don't put enough work in order to properly design game flow and polishing its various mechanics, you end up not evening those parts out!
17 Nov 2021
Such a nice story to explore. Mysteries laid in layers of truth and lie. Really enjoy the the exploration in the simulation inside another simulation.
Finally the story did not get even.
22 Nov 2023
no offense but i was stuck in the first room for about 30 minutes and got mad so i uninstalled 😭💀
19 Jul 2022
Really did not enjoy this - took it back to the shop not long after I bought it.
23 May 2023
This game has a good story with a interesting mystery and good gameplay but when you thought you'd completed the game the developers think "yeah let's make the player go through EVERY SINGLE LEVEL AGAIN WITH SOME RANDOM FIND THIS HIDDEN EVIDENCE MECHANIC THAT HAS NO POINT IN THIS STORY. BECAUSE WHY NOT"
19 Apr 2023
Game que mistura FPS, investigação, furtividade e pitadas de terror. Tem uma história instigante e parece confusa em boa parte do jogo, mas tudo é explicado no fim. É dividido por fases e sua abordagem (agir com furtividade ou matando os inimigos) influência para ver um dos 2 finais do game. É um ótimo game, apenas a mecânica da arma acoplada com um aparelho multiuso podem atrapalhar um pouco a gameplay.
23 Jul 2020
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