Tekken 2

21 Jun 1995

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Tekken 2 is the second game in the Tekken series, it made various improvements over its predecessor in terms of graphics and features. All the characters from Tekken returned and eight new characters were added to the character roster along with new moves and combos.

Tekken 2 was my first ever Console game. I remember my dad bringing me a bday present and it was a ps1 console along with this. Back in 2005. Played it non stop. Revisited it Still a masterpiece. I remember how beat up that ps1 disc was cause I'd spam that shit out everyday. Even to this day even that it has a crack right on the centre. And it still works however I let it rest because I did buy the ps5 version. I know this game like the back of my hand. I did play the long run because it's more enjoyable that way. Everything about this game is perfection. The music, I mean come on Paul's theme is incredible. Anna's arena is mesmerising (so's that blue dress🤤) it truly defined the Fighting game genre to this day. It is the most iconic fighting game franchise

The minor side to this game is that some characters do have the same move sets. Like Wang and Michelle. If I had a choice back then I would have given some characters some unique move sets.

My main 3 characters are Yoshimitsu, Nina and Jack. However if I feel in a spammable mood it's either angel or devil.
14 Apr 2024
Played: 13 hours 11 minutes
Record: 29 wins
Level: Hard
Platform: Sony Playstation
27 May 2020
One of the best beat em ups back when there were no dlc / micro transactions and you had to beat arcade with every character to unlock cinematics and more fighters.
20 Nov 2023
Game of the year 1995
01 Jul 2023
Spent countless hours playing this legendary game in the 90s. Halcyon days.
08 Jun 2023
It's the early days for 3d fighters but man this is just rough in alot of spots. It looks good for a ps1 game but combat is not there yet.
16 Oct 2022
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