25 Jun 2010

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Raven Software



In this FPS, you travel across a remote island off the coast of Russia ripping through space and time, and are given your own Time Manipulation Device of which you use to vaporize enemies. You can upgrade your TMD, yourself, and weapons throughout the campaign which is reminiscent of every modern shooter from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare and World at War series to Half Life 2, and F.E.A.R. Time is power. Multiplayer included but is no longer filled with an active community.


Singularity is the single greatest unfinished videogame ever created in Gaming industry.
Raven software developed a unique IP which is a masterpiece in my opinion.
It has physics elements from HALF-LIFE
and gunplay elements from WOLFENSTEIN
It has atmosphere like METRO and bit of horror like BIOSHOCK which is immersive.

I had no idea what this game was about,the opening sequence alone is the best horrifying experience to a point when I realised this is a really well made game.
The more I played,the more I was intrigued by the story and gameplay.
The only game you could play with no access to subtitles is itself a masterpiece.
In order to understand the story,you need to hear the audio recordings scattered around and I m always up for listening to Russian accent.
Raven software really made a wonderful concept of E99 and it's lore.
The TMD mechanics combined with gunplay is what I was hungry for and it delivered.
With so much rich concepts and building standalone games,RAVEN could have been the next VALVE.
Too bad the company was acquired and now they are making COD maps.
More people need to play this underrated gem.

E99 is amazing.
26 Aug 2023
so glad that there's people still know this game
11 Aug 2022
From what I remember it was a good fps, but nothing really stood out for me.
28 Nov 2023
Solid cross of half life, bioshock, and timesplittets. Never fully commits to the horror asthetics and vibe it establishes early on. It's surprisingly easy too.
11 Jul 2021
The gameplay was fun, I enjoyed artwork and atmosphere but the story was weird for me, I couldn’t understand the ending and it was all just a mess for me
19 Aug 2023
Played this on ps3. I remember really liking it. Good story, atmosphere, and fun monsters.
29 Jun 2023
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