Metroid Prime

17 Nov 2002

Nintendo GameCube
9.5 rating
520 want
1163 played
83 playing
30 reviews
Retro Studios



A 3D exploration-focused metroidvania with first-person shooting mechanics and the first 3D entry in the Metroid series, Metroid Prime follows Samus Aran after the events of Metroid (1986) as she boards a Space Pirate frigate, then chases her escaping archrival Ridley into the intricately structured Tallon IV, a planet full of deadly wildlife and former home to the advanced and ancient Chozo race.

Even better on Switch, final fetch quest is not great
15 Dec 2023
Why i took so long to play prime is a fucking mystery and a travesty, because God dammmm is this a good ass game.! First off the music is so alien so isolated but it can make you feel triumphant sometimes. The world is so dam cool to explore plus the combat translates very well to first person which I honestly didn't expect. My only gripe with this banger of a game and the reason it ain't a 10 out of 10 is the back tracking.! I understand that's part of the fun of metroid games and I agree, but prime takes that to the extreme and has excessive amounts of backtracking. Other than that Prime is Golden.!!
06 May 2023
A beautiful rebirth of the series for a new generation (me)
06 Jan 2023
Did for the Metroid games what Maroi 64 and Zelda OOT did for their respective franchises: brought it into the 3D gaming space and revolutionised what was possible for an exploration game in the 1st person. I think the 2nd game was better though because of the added challenge.
07 Nov 2022
Metroid Prime is among the best games of all time. The atmosphere is incredibly immersive, putting you into the shoes of the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy as you explore a beautifully crafted alien planet, learn about the life-forms that live and have lived there, and the catastrophe that struck in decades past. The controls are wonderfully fluid, and only get better the more upgrades you get, giving you more abilities with which to traverse the in-game map. Everything is polished, secrets are hidden in every crevice, and the progression is excellently handled. Metroid Prime even includes an in-game hint system that subtly guides you if you're ever lost for too long, without breaking immersion or making you feel stupid. This game surpasses all expectations, even for long-time Metroid fans, giving an unparalleled experience with incredibly detailed lore, incredible environments, a time-proven control scheme, and fantastic enemy diversity.
24 Oct 2022
Please make a fourth one we done two and three
23 Apr 2024
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