18 Aug 2009

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Wolfenstein is the direct sequel to Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Spear of Destiny/Wolfenstein RPG. It featured a "re-imagined" disguised dark-haired B.J. Blazkowicz, retaining the unshaven look seen in Return to Castle Wolfenstein and dressed in civilian clothes rather than his usual military uniform. The game mainly consists of the player shooting his way through hordes of different types of Nazis, ranging from normal soldier to ninjas. To deal with the large amount of enemies, the player has access to many typical WWII-weapons like the German MP40 or K98 rifle. In addition, during the course of the game he finds the medallion and learns four powers. While at first entering the Veil only allows him so see enemies more clearly and use strange flying creatures as bombs, he is later able to slow down time, surround himself with a protective shield or make himself stronger. However, the medallion's powers drain its energy, which needs to be refilled at power-spots that are nearly invisible in the real world.

Classic game and ahead of its time. Story was unique enough and worth a solid 20 hours.

Not sure why this pansy RED guy below me 👇decided he wants to moan about something unrelated to the game. Oi mate, if you read this. This is a place for leaving game reviews. If you want to moan about something unrelated take it to Reddit or Facebook, okay clown?
02 Jul 2020
Fucking Hitler, man. Fuck that petty bitch and his failed art career starting dominant lifestyle.
14 May 2020
Movement was super fun, habilities, weapons enemies,really digging it.
28 Nov 2023
Play time: 7 hours
One of the best shooting game out there i enjoyed every minute in the game the game have alot of weapons
100% recommend
16 Jul 2024
Great and fun game, tons of fun though not much motivation to replay
11 Nov 2020
Un wolfenstein sobrenatural. La historia transcurre cuando B.J. en la segunda guerra mundial, descubre que los nazis experimentan con ciencias sobrenaturales y espíritus. En el juego encontrarás un medalla que te dará 4 poderes, que utilizarás para completar los diferentes niveles que se interconentan por barrios y que hacen de semi mundo abierto, hay también un gran arsenal y sobretodo buenos jefes finales. El apartado gráficos está decente para la época y los diseños de enemigos están muy bien hechos. El apartado sonoro está meh, bastante olvidable. Para mi tiene de nota un 7,7 un buen juego que se distancia con tantos poderes de su franquicia principal y que la IA enemiga es irregular, pero que es un juego divertido para pasar el rato.
19 May 2023
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