Watch Dogs

26 May 2014

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Set in Chicago, where a central network of computers connects everyone and everything, Watch Dogs explores the impact of technology within our society. Using the city as your weapon, you will embark on a personal mission to inflict your own brand of justice. Chicago's overarching network is known as the Central Operating System (ctOS), and it controls almost all of the city's technology and information - including key data on all of the city's residents.

This game is very untreated. I understand why people don't like it cause the side missions are repetitive as hell. The story is really engaging and at the end of it all you are not left feeling dissatisfied instead it makes you want to know more.
03 Jun 2021
this is definitely a game!
05 Jan 2023
‌‌    Watch Dogs
✪ {ᏚᏟᏫᏒᎬ : 7.9}
᯽ : “the first time i played it, i was surprised by how good it actually looked despite all the negativity surrounding it's graphics. I liked the story too, tho sometimes it got dragged out too much. most characters were well developed. gameplay did the job but didn't amaze me. but the weakness of this game is it's world. it feels copy pasted and so empty. after you're done with the story, there's pretty much nothing else to do other than some boring repetitive missions. i just hate how ubisoft always does this. they NEVER, shoot for perfection. Ubisoft could be so much more if only they were more ambitious than greedy.”

…   …………….

• Story : 7.6
𐄁 Characters : 8.0
𐄁 Acting : 8.2
~ most of the actors did a good job, even if they had a smaller role. maurice's actor deserves a honorable mention.
𐄁 Pacing : 6.9

• Atmosphere : 8.6
~ just something about having your hands in your pockets and slowly walking under pouring rain while everyone's running with their umbrellas, as your jacket's tail flies with the wind is really beautiful to me.
𐄁 Immersion : 7.7
𐄁 Intensity : 6.8

• Gameplay : 7.5
𐄁 Gunplay : 7.1
𐄁 Stealth : 7.2
~ very simple but weirdly satisfying.
𐄁 AI : 5.5
𐄁 Movement : 7.6
~ the slow walk with your hands in your pocket is just mama mia! It adds so much to the game for me. the parkour tho, is basic and limiting, there's not even a jump button.
𐄁 Traversal : 8.3
~ riding cars is pretty fun in this game, tho motorcycles are rough. fast travel also works really well.
𐄁 Level Design : 6.5
~ i liked that the main story's missions had some variety, but they had alot of obvious flaws with their level design. sometimes it's so absurd and unnecessarily hard to find where you need to go.
𐄁 Puzzles : 3.0
𐄁 Difficulty : fair range of difficulty, tho the only thing they change is damage.

• Visuals : 8.1
𐄁 Textures & Models : 7.4
𐄁 Lighting : 8.2
~ meh during the day, but at the night, specially during cutscenes i loved the dark contrast lighting to it.
𐄁 Small Details : 6.0
• Environment Design : 6.6
𐄁 Cinematography : 8.7
~ the cinematography during cutscenes was top notch.

• Animations : 8.5
𐄁 Movement Animations : 8.4
~ have i said i love the hands in pocket thing yet? because i love the hands in the pocket thing.
𐄁 Facial Animations : 6.5

• SoundTrack : 8.1
• Sound Design : 7.0

• Multiplayer : 3.8
~ empty, boring and repetitive.

• Performance : ↑↑↑↓
~ good for the most part, but got multiple freezes at times.

• Side Content : 3.8
~ side content is where this game really lacks. all side missions are the same thing over and over again and they get boring so fast. minigames are fun tho.
𐄁 Replayability : 6.4
~ replaying the main story isn't a pain, tho there's no new game+ and you lose everything, even the save file. but other than the main story, no, it doesn't make me want to play it again, because there's nothing to do.
𐄁 Customization : 5.5
𐄁 Innovation : ⍟⍟
𐄁 Accessibility : -
𐄁 Settings : ⍟
𐄁 UI/HUD : 7.6
𐄁 Collectibles : 4.2
~ the process of getting all collectibles is the same; follow the chord for 200 km and back, or do this repetitive puzzle or blah blah blah, and now do it a million times over again.
𐄁 Trophies : 6.3
~ it's too tedious, it requires you to do every boring thing in the game a million times over. there are 2 very stupid trophies in the game, one is random luck, and one is online and totaly out of your control. but i liked that it only requires one playthrough.

…    ……………………

𐄁 Do i recommend this game? Yes.
𐄁 Did it make me take my time with it? Yes.
𐄁 Did it meet my expectations? I had played wd2 before so i expected this to be worse but it was actually way better.

…    ……………………

- Platforms : PS4 Pro
- First Playthrough : 19.9.22
𐄁 Finished at : 22.9.22
𐄁 Difficulty : Normal
- Beaten : 2 times
- Trophy Progress : 87℅ ᩶
⟆⟅ | Platinumed on 24.7.23
22 Jun 2023
I can't explain how much I LOVE this game man, this gameplay is awesome, where do I even begin, from this great stealth? From the car chases? From the graphics or even the story, this game is perfect although it had 2 major issues, there's a huge drop frame that happens after I complete a mission, can be fixed by some mods on PC versions, and there are also too many of these towers that unlock fast travel which are kinda normal for a Ubisoft game, ofcourse there are some glitches but forget about them, you HAVE to try this game.
11 Feb 2024
The plot is one of the biggest highlights of the game, incorporating the themes of vengeance and tragedy.

The game feels very similar to a GTA game, with a more realistic and developed combat, but with a very clunky driving experience.

Parkour is pretty good, however it doesn't seem to be on the same level as the one from "AC Unity".

The biggest letdown are the graphics. Ubisoft teased better graphics on the E3 trailer and under delivered. But that can be fixed by using mods - especially "theWorse" which makes the whole experience that much better.
24 Aug 2023
Played on: Playstation 5
Version: Playstation 4
Edition: Digital

This game had a lot of potential. A LOT. But unfortunately it is bland & just flat out boring. I hate it when you see the vision but it's execution is so poor. It almost hurts. I've tried several times now & just can't get into it. Vanilla as hell. I have Watch Dogs 2 & Legion also. Maybe I'll try those & see if it's any better...

Final verdict: Wait for a deep sale
11 Jun 2022
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