Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

01 Sep 2015

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the final game in the Metal Gear series. It is the sequel to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes released the year before and a prequel to the original Metal Gear. The game has a complex story with long cut-scene sequences, but there are fewer and they are shorter compared to earlier Metal Gear Solid titles. Most of the gameplay mechanics introduced in Ground Zeroes are carried over: it is still an action game and stealth oriented but replaces the linear corridor design from most earlier titles with large open world environments that offer the player unrestricted freedom for the approach. The world has now a real-time day and night cycle and various weather effects that influence enemy behaviour, visibility and sound. Sabotaging or destroying certain structures can also influence other parts of the map.

03 Jun 2023
Despite heavily criticised I had a blast with this title. I really enjoyed the storyline, cinematic, missions and improving the mother base and finding new soldiers.
27 Feb 2023
Playing on: Playstation 5
Version: Playstation 4
Edition: Digital

Made it about 90 minutes. Not for me. I want to play a game & not just watch glorified cut scenes. Boring, bland, & overrated. I'm getting really sick of the Hideo hounds LOVING every single thing that he releases. The only one in the world who gets that level of loyalty from me is Jesus.

Anyway, if you like this game, great but man, I am not into this. Rinse & repeat & an unbelievably weird & wonky story. On a positive note, good visuals (especially for its age) & the concept is ambitious.

Final verdict: Don't touch it
01 Mar 2024
This game is mid pretty much everything takes time in this game like the open world is so bad the worst open world so far and the game is sooooooooo long for no reason
It is long and the open world is terrible
10 Jun 2023
The one word that comes to mind when describing MGS V's gameplay is freedom. Freedom to approach each and every mission how you see fit. Do you want to start off as a ghost, stealthily crawling in between patches of tall grass, but pull out a rocket launcher and every explosive under the sun when you get spotted? Fair, more power to you. Or maybe you want to go non-lethal, and tranquilize enemies, for fear of shedding unnecessary blood. That's your choice to make. MGS V gives you the tools to make your Venom Snake the kind of soldier you want him to be. The narrative is much the opposite. The story of MGS V is not one of freedom, but of prisoners. Soldiers imprisoned to their pasts, the deeds they've done and the deeds done to them. Its a tale of arms races and men becoming monsters in their quest to free themselves of their past. It is also a narrative that is imprisoned by the development process not being allowed to fully finish everything it wanted to, but even in spite of that, it remains a fulfilling story. MGS V is yet another hit by Kojima, and we can only hope that one day he and Konami will work together again for a return to the series.
12 Nov 2023
[Xbox Series S]
🗓️ 11 nov 2023
⏱️108h 33min
Nota: 9,3
11 Nov 2023
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