Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

13 Oct 2009

PlayStation 3
9.5 rating
1905 want
13864 played
397 playing
373 reviews
Naughty Dog
Sony Computer Entertainment


Single player Multiplayer Co-operative Third person 🔫 Shooter 🎮 Platform 🏹 Adventure 💥 Action 🐉 Fantasy 🏛️ Historical

In the sequel to Drake's Fortune, Nathan Drake comes across a map that showcases the location of Marco Polo's missing ships. It takes him on a journey to find the infamous Cintamani Stone, and uncover the truth behind it.

Fun story but still undercooked gameplay, terrible combat
15 Dec 2023
horrible man! i fucked up playing in hard mode bc it's 5 headshots to kill a fucking guy,but besides that there's little story and it's worthless anyways,and i just kill go to treasure it's not there i have to take the same way back and kill again. trash
23 Feb 2023
this was fire
15 Jan 2022
How was this released on a 2006 hardware is beyond my understanding
17 Mar 2024
good game and story.
i playing....
22 Feb 2024
Just finished this game recently it became my favorite Uncharted game but i still have to play 1,3 and 5.
Anyways this game is fire the gameplay is amazing same with the story the antagonists are great and the graphic's are pretty good for a game that came out in 2009.
18 Aug 2023
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