Soul Edge

28 Dec 1995

8.3 rating
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236 played
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Project Soul



Soul Edge is a 3D arcade fighting game and the first in the Soul series, it is one of the first 3D fighting game in history that place a particular emphasis on the story of the fighters. Each character have their own weapon, allowing for a wide range of play styles. The slower, longer ranged characters try to deliver their heavy blows from a distance whereas the quicker, faster characters try to get in as close as possible and deliver quick-hitting attacks.

Great fighting game. Difficulty is balanced and challenging. Very rewarding to completed. Offers good replayability.
13 Dec 2020
This game is so nostalgic and good😃. I really enjoyed playing this when I was a kid. My favorite character is and will always be Taki😌
10 Sep 2022
Solid fighting game for it's time. Rather than the typical fisticuffs, this predecessor to SoulCalibur brought in fantasy weaponry with a caste of characters from around the world.
Story (for a fighting game) is alright.
A great way to kill quarters back in the day.
08 Mar 2022
لعبة فايتنق ممتازة واعجبتني لما تكون الشخصيات لها اسلحه للساموراي
23 Jul 2022
O jogo é impressionante logo na abertura! A Namco sabe muito bem o que faz! É um dos meus jogos favoritos de luta e do PS1.

Acho muito interessante a temática de cada um ter um final diferente de acordo com a índole em relação as espada, por isso eu joguei tanto a ponto de querer ver final e o final extra de cada personagem! É muito bom!
21 Jan 2024
Um jogo de luta com espadas que quando eu zerei no PlayStation One foi muito divertido.
21 Dec 2023
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