Super Mario Bros. Wonder

20 Oct 2023

Nintendo Switch
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The next evolution of 2D side-scrolling Super Mario Bros. games is headed to Nintendo Switch! When you touch a Wonder Flower in the game, the wonders of the world unlock – pipes could come alive, hordes of enemies may appear, characters might change their looks, for example – transforming the gameplay in unpredictable ways. Excitement and different surprises await in each course. Super Mario Bros. Wonder features Princess Peach, Princess Daisy and Yoshi as playable characters, in addition to familiar characters like Mario, Luigi and Toad.

Mario wonder is a WONDERFUL blend of classic mario and kirby powerups, along with a great mash up of unpredictabile inventive level designs each time you take a Wonder Flower.. it brought me back the joy of "Mario Galaxy" in a refreshing 2D style!

I almost 10/10 this if it wasn’t for the small package of content it has delivered of rougly 10 hours? I NEED MORE! and the meh writing..

Regardless, it was a spectacular experience throughout, and is amongst the very best mario games ever!
19 Oct 2023
I will try to resist making the wonderful pun, but really there is no other way to describe Mario Wonder.

Super Mario Bros Wonder demonstrates a new era of 2D Mario, the same way New Super Mario Bros (NSMB) on the Nintendo DS did back in 2006.

As NSMB defined the look and feel of the next 15 years of 2D Mario, Mario Wonder reinvents everything you knew about 2D Mario. The artstyle and models are less of a lifeless "3D" and have more of a layered 2D look. The animations are super expressive, and unlike the NSMB series, there is so much personality oozing out of the characters and the world. No longer is the case of critizing 2D Mario for feeling stale.

However the look is not the biggest change Mario Wonder makes. The gameplay itself is an evolution of 2D Mario the same way Mario Bros 3/World was an evolution of the original. The evolution that we have been wanting 2D Mario to have for a very long time.

You have your new power ups, which is expected of every Mario game... However the big change is the addition of the wonder flower. This one addition changes every single level to a 3D Mario mission (aka Mario 64, Odyssey) by needing to find the flower by doing specific. However that is not all, once you find the flower the entire dynamic of the level changes and turns the standard platforming mechics on it's head. Sometimes, the level will turn into a musical, other times Mario will change form like becoming a Goomba. The kicker is, the changes made by the wonder flower is different for every single level. This one mechanic keeps the whole game feeling fresh from beginning to end to levels which has never been seen in a platformer.

The only gripes which I should mention is that the boss fights are some of the weakest in a Mario game. It's kind of crazy considering the level of creativity that went into each stage, but none of that went into the bossfights. The other thing is the game is a little on the easy side and a bit short for 2D Mario standards.

While playing Mario Wonder, I kept thinking about how there are a lot of similarities to Rayman Origins/Legends. This game was clearly inspired by it. There is so much creativity and care put into Mario Wonder, this is honestly one of their best Mario games. I only hope this new formula of innovation continues with the future 2D Marios as there is still so much potential here.
23 Oct 2023
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25h 15m
04 Dec 2023
It's pretty good!
Fun to play, challenging enough, creative level design, everything a good 2D Mario game should be.
The only downgrade is the bosses, except the last one they are not that good; also the soundtracks aren't memorable, but they're very good
20 Oct 2023
09 Dec 2023
Easily one of the best 2D platformers from Nintendo in a while, which is saying something. It's super creative in terms of level design, enemies, and power-ups. The only problem is the repetitive boss fights with Bowser Jr. Yoshi's Island still had the best boss fights among the 2D series and I'm disappointed we didn't get that level of quality. Besides, that the game is perfect. The game also offers a decent challenge as well.
03 Dec 2023
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