Call of Duty

29 Oct 2003

PC (Microsoft Windows) Mac
8.7 rating
485 want
3322 played
156 playing
86 reviews
Infinity Ward
Aspyr Media



"Call of Duty" (2003) is the inaugural game in the acclaimed first-person shooter series developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. Set during World War II, it provides an intense, cinematic experience that takes players through key battles in the European Theater of Operations. The game features three interwoven campaigns, allowing players to fight as American, British, and Soviet soldiers. With a focus on realism and authenticity, "Call of Duty" introduces innovative gameplay mechanics, such as squad-based combat and the use of iron sights for aiming. Players participate in historic missions like the D-Day invasion, the Battle of Stalingrad, and the assault on Pegasus Bridge, each meticulously crafted to convey the chaos and camaraderie of wartime. The game's gripping narrative, combined with its atmospheric graphics and sound design, set a new standard for the genre and established "Call of Duty" as a landmark title in video game history.

i haven't played the first version so far. but i've finished it today and I'm really surprised because of how good a very old game can be!! absolutely one of the best version of this series. old but gold.
15 Mar 2024
Old but gold
14 Apr 2023
For a game this age, this was very compelling and enjoyable to play. Great action, graphics on PC hold up well.
24 Jun 2024
Nice start
13 Jan 2024
A little buggy and bullshit at places. But atleast it plays like a game that the developers involved wished to make.
06 Oct 2022
Truly immersed me in war, it even made me cry. Only thing stopping it from being a 10 were some goofy moments and bad graphics. P.S. The bots in the game were very smart.
25 Nov 2020
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