10 Oct 1997

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Black Isle Studios
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Interplay Entertainment
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The Vault Dweller is tasked with exploring post-nuclear California in order to retrieve a water chip to replace the broken chip of Vault 13, their home, which they are the first person to ever leave. The player will engage in Western RPG character building and turn-based tactical combat while getting to know settlements and factions of people, mutants and ghouls through branching dialogue trees.

I only began playing this because I was wanting to get into the more modern games of the franchise and thought, "hey, why not start from the beginning?" I wasnt expecting much, to be honest, due to how obviously dated it would be, but wow. I really loved every single thing about this. And, to my surprise, by I ended up preferring it much more over those modern titles that I was looking forward to. It was smart, funny, and loaded with fu little Easter eggs.
02 Jan 2024
Played: 32 hours 13 minutes
Record: All quests completed
Level: 21 (max)
Character: Albert
Platform: Mac
15 Nov 2021
A little too simple. One of the most influential games ever made.
19 Aug 2023
The beat game ever
21 May 2024
With the pretty strong story and good rpg element the glitches and crashes and errors DID this game dirty, voice acting is good btw
01 May 2024
I fully expected to get bored while playing this game just because of how old it is and I’m really glad I gave it a chance because this is a very fun game and was super innovative for when this came out. For a game that is literally older than me this game holds up for sure, the master is a very cool villain the combat is overall good and the plot is decent. I really like how on your own you are in this game, like there was absolutely no direction and I was clueless at the beginning but part of the fun for me was learning how everything works and exploring to progress the plot.
22 Apr 2024
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