Fallout 2

29 Oct 1998

PC (Microsoft Windows) Mac
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Black Isle Studios
Bethesda Softworks
Interplay Entertainment



A turn-based tactical Western RPG in which the Chosen One is tasked with exploring post-nuclear California to locate and retrieve the fabled Garden of Eden Creation Kit for their famine-stricken tribe, while coming into contact through branching dialogue trees with numerous tribes, factions and micro-civilizations, each with their own virtues, vices, socioeconomic situations and political agendas.

This was my second stop in my late-comer journey through the Fallout franchise and I was not disappointed. While I preferred the general premise of the first game, everything else about this was just as good, if not better than it. I'm now playing Fallout 3, which is the first modern entry to the series, and have been rather let down at how it's missing that Monkey Island, point-and-click-esque charm and wit of these older titles (most of the time it just comes across as a mindless shooter). Which is funny, thinking on it now, as I went into this journey assuming it would be these older games that would be the trudge to get through.
02 Jan 2024
Slow gameplay But an interesting story and hilarious dialogue
10 May 2024
Slight improvement over 1 but still boring and slow gameplay, too much of a hassle to play.
04 May 2024
I don't know what I'm doing to be honest
01 May 2024
Bizarre, endlessly surprising, great moments of horror and dark comedy.
19 Aug 2023
Played: 82 hours 49 minutes
Record: All quests completed
Level: 27
Character: Mingan
Platform: Mac
02 Jan 2022
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