The Elder Scrolls Online

04 Apr 2014

PC (Microsoft Windows) PlayStation 4 Mac Xbox Series X|S Xbox One Google Stadia PlayStation 5
7.0 rating
397 want
2185 played
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44 reviews
ZeniMax Online Studios
Bethesda Softworks



Experience an ever-expanding story across all of Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online, an award-winning online RPG. Explore a rich, living world with friends or embark upon a solo adventure. Enjoy complete control over how your character looks and plays, from the weapons you wield to the skills you learn – the choices you make will shape your destiny. Welcome to a world without limits.

Played on: Playstation 5
Version: Playstation 5
Edition: Digital

This is a really cool world & I really love the sense of community that they have crafted. Unfortunately, I don't have 1,000+ hours to spare. Especially for a game that is essentially relentlessly repetitive fetch quests that aren't too interesting. All in all, this is a decent game & there is tons of content to be discovered if you have the drive & time.

Will I come back to it? Maybe. But I would honestly rather put more time back into Skyrim.

Final verdict: Wait for a sale
12 Jun 2023
I was lost
07 Jan 2024
not for me
09 Jan 2023
it's Skyrim but bigger and better with people all around making it really a fun multiplayer experience

even though it's an mmo you wouldn't really notice it.
03 Aug 2023
I was gonna play it with a friend but he never got on to play (at least never at the same time as me). So my score was for the tutorial.
17 May 2023
I gave 300 bucks to Steam to play this game but it is impossible to enjoy it without paying a monthly subscription. It's so stupid that we have to pay twice.
13 Apr 2023
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