Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

02 Feb 2024

Xbox Series X|S PC (Microsoft Windows) PlayStation 5
6.3 rating
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507 played
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44 reviews
Rocksteady Studios
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment


Single player Multiplayer Co-operative Third person 🔫 Shooter 🏹 Adventure 💥 Action

The creators of the Batman: Arkham series are back with a brand new action-adventure shooter. The most dangerous villains in the DC Universe have been forced to team up and take on a new mission: Kill the Justice League. Create Chaos in Metropolis. You are the Suicide Squad.

Before you see the score and your eyes pop out of your ass as to how I can score this game so much? Just mind yo business. It's an absolute ride of fun. Let me explain my reasoning.

So this is one of those games that is cursed way before launch, let's say this game was cursed to fail since it got announced. Other than the title CLEARLY SAYING "KILL THE JUSTICE LEAGUE". It was mostly doomed because of the 2016 movie for having its infamous reputation with comic book fans. I personally don't mind the film I've seen worse. Yes it's a mess but a fun mess if you turn off your brain. And that's the issue with this game. Gaming is all about enjoying fun and escaping reality and if you're not a die hard comic book fans or a diehard arkham games fan then you're gonna love this. If you turn off your brain this game is a fun joy ride. I didn't need to but that's just my advice to everyone. Statistically speaking no way suicide squad can take on the JL but if you turn your brain off they can.

I saw a lot of hate on twitter a few days before launch as people were spoiling the deaths of the justice league members on there from youtube channels. Complaining how they hated every single character death and how it was DISRESPECTFUL TO THE isn't lol??? Only thing that's disrespectful is grown ass people reacting to....a game.... for not giving you what you wanted or expected. Like....this game wasn't made for you bruh lower down the ego.

This game is nothing but fun. All characters had great dynamics and really bounced on each other. Shark being the wise himbo child. Harley being the shady older sister, boomerang being the punching bag little big brother and deadshot being the mum of the group and babysitting them. They had great voice actors that truly made the characters feel as if they've known each other all their lives. Costume designs were great, level designs sometimes did feel empty however they were pretty decent. Cut scenes were gorgeous and a really compelling fun story that is very simple to follow, although it would have been more fun to have some more suicide squad characters. The gameplay for each character was frankly very different although I could play as anyone I mostly played as boomerang or shark if I had to fight people which was unexpected because I wanted to play as harley since the game was announced.

The boss fights were kinda difficult apart from the batman one. Which I found easy however it was the most beautifully designed villain fight. We all knew what would happen to the justice league by the title alone. All death scenes were done decently, could have been done better however decent never the less. I didn't really find it disrespectful about what happened to flash because flash is boomerang's main nemesis they have history and plus they're literally what do you haters expect this man to do??? Sing him a lullaby??? They're literally villains 😭😭. Batman's death tho really hit because this was a full circle moment for harley and really defined the woman she has become. If batman had to be killed by someone then the right person to do the job is harley because of how much history there us between them. Although jumping to conclusions because you aren't happy with how it ended for Bruce and the passing of the voice actor (rip) to him it was a decent send off for Bruce. Harley didn't wanna kill him, however she didn't have a choice, he was clearly in pain, she liberated him from that pain at least that's how I saw it because you could see remorse in her eyes as she wouldn't have batman chase after her games anymore.

Only person that had a very anticlimactic death was superman which was a bummer. However that wasn't the main issue I had with this game. My main issue was how repetitive it felt. Because all enemies felt the same and it got boring trying to deal with them, we never even had mini bosses which I feel like it hurt this game. There should have been a more diverse set of enemies just to make this game versatile. Also some of the dialogue was a bit rough, forced jokes
11 Feb 2024
Played on: Playstation 5
Version: Playstation 5
Edition: Digital

I've played enough of this to the point that I only have one trophy left until the platinum. It's gonna take a little bit to earn the last so for now, I'm taking a break.

I've also played enough to know where to properly rate this based on its quality, replay value, & overall contents. That being said, it's not good. It's not the abomination that everyone is acting like it is, but it's not good.

The story makes choices that will inevitably piss comic stans off & honestly, the choices didn't bother me. Why? It is literally the name of the game...the story is veery bland & funny enough, doesn't take chances outside the main objective.

The gameplay is pretty loose & at times even fun. After a couple of hours though, it grows old. There are not many enemy varieties & the gameplay is on loop.

The variety is scarce in this game leaving you with VERY little to do that is fresh & well, fun. The endgame (which is the make or break of this game) is an abomination & this game will die VERY quickly if they don't do something soon.

All in all, a very bland but at times entertaining title that is quick to finish & even quicker to chuck back on a shelf. That is very sad considering the company's endgame with this. This was supposed to last a couple of years & with all of the cold reception, stale road map, & player count, I'd be surprised if they even MAKE IT a year.

March 28 is the launch of Season One. This is their make or break. Until then, Waller out...

Final verdict: Wait for a DEEP sale
06 Mar 2024

Final Words: suicide squad is a fun game to play and it has its own special moments.
The story has good potential and we're going to see a lot of exciting moments in future though the narration wasn't good enough but the story itself was something to hold onto.
The depth of gameplay isn't as good as it needs to be but it's definitely fun and enjoyable.
The game struggles with lack of diversity in its every aspects.
The quests are so repetitive and they can become boring easily, especially after the first few hours, they have to think about fixing it in future.
The direction in cutscenes are in the same level that we all love about rocksteady and Sound-tracks are good mix with that.
An enjoyable experience in the end, hope it gets better and next time they don't build an "online only" game.
Played On:PS5
05 Feb 2024
All the bad reviews for this game I can’t understand, like I can see how people wouldn’t like this and I’m a long massive fan of the Arkham games but it’s been nothing but thrilling and all the complaints are exaggerated and some just plain wrong, can’t wait for more seasonal content.
09 Feb 2024
I’ll be honest, with what I’ve played so far, I’m enjoyed what Rocksteady have done with this game. A looter shooter, in an open world metropolis? Yes please.
03 Feb 2024
Know your fuckin place, trash
03 Feb 2024
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