Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

22 Sep 2020

PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch PC (Microsoft Windows) Xbox One
7.5 rating
221 want
97 played
18 playing
1 reviews
Double Damage Games
Double Damage Games


Single player First person Third person 🔫 Shooter 🧙 RPG 🏹 Adventure 👾 Indie 💥 Action 🛸 Science fiction

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is an open-world space combat adventure game, spread across the nearly 40 systems of the Dodge Sector. Play as a mercenary, a trader, a pirate, or whatever mix of the three you feel fits you best. With an engaging storyline and a full conversation system, you can follow the narrative, or ignore it and forge your own path at any time.

Arcade espacial estilo Freelancer.. pra sentar e relaxar jogando. Várias missões, boteco espacial, treta, modificação na nave, viagem interplanetária, mineração, e várias outras coisas pra fica brisando com a trilha sonora do jogo. Joguinho que vale um tempo.
18 Oct 2023
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