Minishoot' Adventures
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Minishoot' Adventures

02 Apr 2024

PC (Microsoft Windows)
9.5 rating
26 want
9 played
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1 reviews
SoulGame Studio
SoulGame Studio


Single player Bird view / Isometric 🔫 Shooter 🏹 Adventure 👾 Indie 💥 Action

Minishoot' is a cute and unique adventure game that mixes up open exploration with crispy twin-stick shooter action. Fight your way from the shiny overworld to the deepest caves, improve your ship and overcome the dungeons' bosses to rescue your friends!

Maravilhoso. Um joguinho que mistura rpg, metroidvanias e bullet hell. No entanto o controle da nave é muito gostosa! Vale a experiência.
06 Apr 2024
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