God of War Ragnarök
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God of War Ragnarök

09 Nov 2022

PlayStation 5 PlayStation 4
9.6 rating
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SIE Santa Monica Studio
Sony Interactive Entertainment


Single player Third person ⚔️ Slasher 🏹 Adventure 💥 Action 🐉 Fantasy 🏛️ Historical 🌍 Open world

God of War: Ragnarök is the ninth installment in the God of War series and the sequel to 2018's God of War. Continuing with the Norse mythology theme, the game is set in ancient Norway and features series protagonists Kratos, the former Greek God of War, and his young son Atreus. The game kicked off the events of Ragnarök, where Kratos and Atreus must journey to each of the Nine Realms in search of answers as they prepare for the prophesied battle that will end the world.

*GoW Ragnarök is but an extended version of the previous GoW game in 2018, Literally. (-)

*It has pushed everything the previous GoW offered to the limits(+), but didn't go out of that circle! (-)

*70% of the game is about showcasing the Artistic work of design for the Norse Mythology (+). That is most of the content of this game tbh! (-)

*Great game direction overall, with a very good focus on emotions and expressions display. (+)

*The story is pretty short but milked with medium-level events that some don't have THAT impact on the story as a whole, but works like pieces to have a full picture. (-)
-However, the way those events were served could have been a LOT shorter and maybe even combined with other medium-level events.
That would've happened if this game has a bigger story content to tell.
But the fact that they barely had any story content longer than 3 hours, makes sense why they had to rely on small plots along the way to stretch it.

*Some scenes feel rushed and aren't given enough space in the plotline, specifically at the ending fights. (-)

*The scenario was mostly predictable, since it's context didn't go much out of the original mythology. It was more about depiction here than an actual plot twist. (-) (+)

*Side stories were one of the most meaningful and rewarding ever! (+)

-This review is based on a 80% completion with many side quests and explorations done.

•GoW Ragnarök is a short milked content product with a Top-notch polishing.

(+) = Positive
(-) = Negative
16 Nov 2022
Such a great game, i can't explain how good, fantastic, and amazing this game is.

Gameplay, story/lore, level design, kratos, boss fights, graphics, soundtracks. everything is perfect, PERFECT.

Thank you santa monica for this flawless masterpiece.
14 Sep 2022
+ Masterpiece in Storytelling & Voice Acting
+ Masterpiece in Combat & Navigation Gameplay
+ Masterpiece in Soundtrack & Sound Design
+ Masterpiece in Level & World Design
+ Masterpiece in Visuals & Animation
+ Masterpiece in Game & Accessibility Options
+ ... Masterpiece of a Game!

- Combat can become somewhat inconsistent at points
- Some Bugs & Glitches

Final Score: 10 / 10
02 Dec 2022
a spectacular game that i got obsessed with and got the platinum for in just a week after its release ,although there was something left to be desired
07 Apr 2023
Played on: Playstation 5
Version: Playstation 5
Edition: Physical (Launch Edition)

Man, what a game. I see a lot of people talking about the GAME though. Can we just stop & acknowledge Bear McCreary's incredible fucking score in this? I mean seriously. Some of the pieces brought me to tears.

As far as the game goes, once again Mimir is the mvp in this. His stories are incredible & tie in a knot with his awesome accent? Prestine. The graphics are fantastic & the sound design is on the same level. Really good stuff.

That's the GREAT stuff but honestly the rest was just "fine" to me. I think the story at times is good but it ultimately feels bogged down with poor pacing to back it up making for an ultimate drag midway through. When this game shines, it shines but for the majority of its run it is severely dissapointing. I am very mixed on this game.

Final verdict: Buy it
20 Nov 2022
I didn't think they would be able to top the first game but they somehow managed to achieve this feat. This game is an improvement over the first game in every possible way and that game was already a masterpiece
12 Dec 2022
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