God of War: Ghost of Sparta

02 Nov 2010

PlayStation Portable
9.1 rating
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Ready at Dawn
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"Marking Kratos' second foray into portable gaming, God of War: Ghost of Sparta stands as a spin-off nestled between the events of God of War and God of War II. Despite ascending to the title of the god of war, Kratos remains haunted by nightmarish visions. One such vision compels him to embark on a new journey when he witnesses his mother, Callisto, imprisoned in Atlantis under the dominion of the sea god Poseidon. Against Athena's counsel to ignore the vision, Kratos sets forth to unravel his past and, in the process, rescue his long-lost brother, Deimos, from the clutches of the god of death, Thanatos. This second instalment for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) maintains a gameplay style akin to its predecessor, introducing a handful of new mechanics. Kratos wields his trusty Blades of Athena in this quest, now augmented with a new magic known as Thera's Bane, amplifying the potency of his attacks. The game also introduces several new magical items and a fresh secondary weapon. In addition to the captivating story mode, Ghost of Sparta offers the "Temple of Zeus," a location where players can spend orbs acquired in the Battle Arena to acquire various art and other bonuses."

The second game from the PSP is another great experience that follows the success from the franchise, the greatest downside are enemies that need a specific skill to deal damage, but this is balanced on one of the main characters of the series being playable.
12 Jan 2024
Nice story only
13 Jan 2024
- Gameplay: 7
- Story: 8
- Characters: 7
- Sounds: 8
- Graphics: 6
- Animation: 7
- Level Design: 7
- My Opinion: 8.5
- Device Played On: PlayStation 3
- Date: Sep/2022

Total Rate: 7.3
25 Feb 2023
like I said, still on the psp, it's a great experience. great gameplay, great cinematics, everything's great.
24 Nov 2022
Ghost of Sparta is as fun as any mainline entry, but not only that, by the end it even manages to make you emotional and makes Kratos's motivations against the gods going in GOW II and III even more clear. The level design and combats are as fun as ever, and the artstyle is just magnificently awesome.
06 Oct 2022
God Of War on the goo, solid story, solid gameplay, solid graphics (for psp standards) worth a try 🤙🏽
19 Sep 2023
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