Death's Gambit
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Death's Gambit

13 Aug 2018

PC (Microsoft Windows) Xbox One Mac Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4
6.7 rating
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Single player Side view 🧙 RPG 🏹 Adventure 👾 Indie 💥 Action 🐉 Fantasy 👻 Horror

Death's Gambit is a challenging Action-RPG where you explore an alien medieval planet filled with beasts, knights, and horrors. Climb big creatures that will test your resolve. Fight dangerous monsters that will make you think outside the box.

Honestly there are much better souls like out there, the story is decent but gameplay sucks and janky.
21 Mar 2023
The game is amaizing would recommend playing with mouse and keyboard
09 Sep 2020
O jogo é interessante mistura elementos soulslike com metrodvania.
Tem uma vasta gama de equipamentos e builds que você pode fazer mas eu agarrei e não consigo chegar no destino.
Estava jogando no Nintendo Switch, até vi vídeos para tentar desagarrar mas parece que a versão que eu tô jogando ou é diferente ou tá incompleta quando se compara as gameplays do YouTube.
Acabei desistindo.
18 Mar 2023
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