Days Gone

26 Apr 2019

PC (Microsoft Windows) PlayStation 4
7.5 rating
5412 want
12730 played
1767 playing
640 reviews
SIE Bend Studio
Sony Interactive Entertainment



Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game set in a harsh wilderness two years after a devastating global pandemic. Play as Deacon St. John, a Drifter and bounty hunter who rides the broken road, fighting to survive while searching for a reason to live. At its core, Days Gone is about survivors and what makes them human: desperation, loss, madness, betrayal, friendship, brotherhood, regret, love – and hope. It’s about how even when confronted with such enormous tragedy they find a reason to live. Hope never dies.

03 Jun 2023
- Gameplay: 10
- Story: 8
- Characters: 10
- Sounds: 8
- Graphics: 9
- Level Design: 10
- My Opinion: 9
- Device Played On: Playstation 4
14 Aug 2023
Played on: Playstation 5
Version: Playstation 4 (Next Gen Update)
Edition: Digital

Platinum (#37) 🏆

I’m gonna go ahead & say it, this game is severely underrated. I couldn’t put this game down. But that being said, at first I couldn’t pick it up.

This is a title that requires patience in its story, characters, & overall gameplay. A slow burn that eventually pays off. Extremely fun & I’ll even go on record to say that it is the best open world zombie game of all time. Also it's one of the best Playstation exclusives. Boom, I said it.

I experienced very few technical issues throughout my play & this is probably due to dev support since launch. I heard it was a mess when it first dropped, but not for me.

All in all, I cherish this game beyond belief & I recommend anyone who hasn’t played it to go ahead & do so. The hordes are an achievement in itself, upgrading your bike is rewarding, & the constant survival day in & day out is gritty & just a downright blast.

P.S. The new version of this app is AWFUL.

Final verdict: Buy It
01 Apr 2023
The heck with this game. I freaking love it. I get the feeling it has Daryl Dixon vibes. I love the nature, sound design, it's like it's superb. I love it.
09 May 2024
Mediocre game at its finest that I actually enjoyed to some degree.

Something kept pulling me in to play everyday and I still don’t know what it is.
22 Dec 2022
I had fun playing this game
23 Dec 2023
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