Dying Light 2: Stay Human

03 Feb 2022

Xbox Series X|S Xbox One PlayStation 5 PlayStation 4 PC (Microsoft Windows)
7.7 rating
5804 want
3599 played
674 playing
197 reviews
Techland Publishing
Spike ChunSoft
Techland Publishing



The last great human settlement exists within an unforgiving, infected world. Exceptional agility and combat skills make you a powerful ally and a valuable commodity. With your unique abilities you have the power to be an agent of change within this decaying metropolis. Use it wisely.


🔲 My 90 year old grandma could play it
🔲 Easy
✅ Normal
🔲 Hard
🔲 "Dark Souls"


🔲 "MS Paint"
🔲 Bad
🔲 Meh
🔲 Graphics don't matter in this game
🔲 Beautiful
🔲 Masterpiece


🔲 Bad
🔲Not special
✅ Good
🔲 Beautiful
🔲 MasterPiece


✅ This game has no story
🔲Like playing "Temple Runners" for the story
🔲 It's there for the people who want it
🔲 Well written
🔲 Epic story


🔲 Underpriced
🔲 Perfect price
🔲Could be cheaper
🔲 Overpriced
✅ Complete waste of money


🔲Very short (0 - 3 hours)
🔲 Short (3 - 10 hours)
🔲 Average (10 - 30 hours)
✅ Long (30 - 50 hours)
🔲Extremely long (50 - 100 hours)
🔲 No ending

- FUN -

🔲 I'd rather watch paint dry
🔲 Hard to enjoy
✅ Repetitive
🔲 Actually pretty amusing
🔲 Ride of your life


🔲It's a one - time experience
🔲 Only for achievements
✅ If you wait a few months / years
🔲 Infinitely replayable


🔲 Bored
✅ Not Bad
🔲 Having Fun
🔲 Great
🔲 MasterPiece


✅ No
🔲 Wait for sale
🔲 Yes

6/10 Disappointed 😔💔
I Wanted A Part Two From 2015
(When I Finished Part One)
And I Really Want And Excited For Part Two Reveals Until Xbox 2018 E3 I Was So Excited For The Part Two And I Can’t Wait And I Pre Order The Game And When I Played It’s Really Disappointed I Hope Part Three Will Be More Great Please Tenchland 😔.
24 Jun 2022
it was good ,but not as good as the first one
31 Aug 2022
Really just the most average open world game ever.

Almost a downgrade in every aspect from the first DL game the gameplay has nothing new to offer with worse handling and animation's

The OPEN WORLD is literally empty with some Ubisoft stuff like camps or building full with zombies that you kill over and over doing the same thing million times with the awful night and day system that doesn't offer anything more than just worse visibility

The story is just some 7 years old dream with even a worse dialogue than what a 7 years old can give you

i played almost 17 hours on pc+ps5 and i can say that DL2 doesn't deserve you're money. Just go and buy some real good zom
29 Feb 2024
Unexpectedly, this game has deeply emotional and, at times, terrific quests. I'm in love with that. Reminds me of someone saying a say about post-apocalyptic stories set in a zombie apocalypse. "it's not about the zombies, but each individual cooping within a world already done and dusted". I think this game has that and more else. At the time of this review, I just played 27h, but it felt much less than that. Gonna keep playing now~
11 Feb 2024
Although the main story may be lacking in some departments, Dying light 2 makes up with a fantastic post apocalyptic world set years after the outbreak. An addictive loot system that goes in hand with a polished combat system. Updates are constantly being added to improve player experience and introduce new content. Best parkour mechanics I've experienced in a video game.
09 Oct 2023
World Design was perfect
01 Apr 2024
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