Chronicles of 2 Heroes: Amaterasu's Wrath
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Chronicles of 2 Heroes: Amaterasu's Wrath

26 May 2023

Mac PlayStation 5 Xbox One Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 PC (Microsoft Windows) Xbox Series X|S
6.5 rating
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Catness Game Studios


Single player Side view 🎮 Platform 🏹 Adventure 👾 Indie 🕹️ Arcade 💥 Action 🐉 Fantasy 🏛️ Historical

Chronicles of 2 Heroes is an intense 16-bit action platformer with Metroidvania elements and a singular mechanic: you can switch in real-time between the two main characters! The Samurai and the Kunoichi have unique, surprising combat styles that you will need to master to save feudal Japan from the goddess Amaterasu and her fearsome minions.

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