25 May 2021

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Biomutant is an open-world, post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable RPG, with a unique martial arts styled combat system allowing you to mix melee, shooting and mutant ability action. A plague is ruining the land and the Tree-of-Life is bleeding death from its roots. The Tribes stand divided. Explore a world in turmoil and define its fate, will you be its savior or lead it to an even darker destiny?

Played on: Playstation 5
Version: Playstation 4
Edition: Standard physical

I had an AWFUL time with this. The small amount of developers on this bit off way more than they could chew. There are way too many concepts being vomited throughout the game that it doesn't even know what it wants to do or be itself. I can at times see what they were going for but even when that happened it would be bogged down once again with another broken part. I ultimately couldn't see this one to the end & threw in the towel about 5 hours in.

P.S. Is it just me or does the narrator talk every five fucking seconds? I mean seriously the guy is ALWAYS TALKING.

Final verdict: Don't touch
02 Apr 2022
Had sooooooooooo much potential...!!!!
I was following this game for years ever since I seen a preview of it on ign back in like 2017 0r 2016, and it looked so dope.! What this game turned out to be was a shallow game with a cool looking world, weapons and enemies, with shallow combat and exploration. Story was also pretty bad.
01 Mar 2023
First impression: The narration of npc dialogues is very irritating and time wasting. Combat is very rough seems unfinished and not that satisfying.
29 Oct 2021
Feels half baked, humor is cringy. Graphics are ugly. N
Pretty generic gameplay. Not good.
18 Oct 2023
annoying ass narrator. would rather listen to my 12th grade civics teacher
18 Jul 2022
People should know that this game was rather made for kids with a message to protect the nature. In this perspective it was not a bad game. The game becomes too easy for hard core gamers so I recommend those to play extrem hard.
17 Nov 2021
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