Void Bastards

28 May 2019

PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch PC (Microsoft Windows) Mac Xbox One
8.1 rating
163 want
439 played
25 playing
9 reviews
Blue Manchu
Humble Games



"Inspired by BioShock and System Shock 2, Void Bastards is a revolutionary new strategy-shooter that will test your wits as well as exercise your aim. Can you lead the misfit prisoners of the Void Ark through the derelict spaceships and myriad dangers of the Sargasso Nebula?"

really really solid game. seriously check this out Seriously
05 Jan 2023
I just wish the story didn't have an end. Hidden gem right here.
15 Jun 2023
I love the thrilling of not dying in this game, his graphics, his humour, the sound direction, everything.
30 Dec 2022
Divertido, tenso, variado y visualmente interesante. El juego tiene un humor irónico y sarcástico que se mezcla bien con el ambiente y las diferentes variantes de naves que estarás visitando.

Un poco fácil, a mi gusto. Logré terminar el loop con mi segundo personaje. Sin embargo, el juego ofrece loops subsecuentes con desafíos adicionales únicos.
29 Mar 2024
Sem dúvida um jogo com humor, gráficos divertidos, boa dificuldade e muita variedade para um roguelike FPS! Há muitos neste género mas este sem dúvida merece mais atenção.
08 Jan 2024
Buen roguelite, aunque no el mejor
27 Jul 2022
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