The First Descendant

02 Jul 2024

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The First Descendant is a next-gen free-to-play third-person PvE co-op action RPG looter shooter launching with crossplay across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation5 (PS5), PlayStation4 (PS4), and PC via Steam. Developed using Unreal Engine 5.2, players become a Descendant whose mission is to combat against alien invaders – The Vulgus who crossed dimensions over 100 years ago and brought with them the devastating Colossi and destruction– for the survival of humanity and to protect Albion and the continent of Ingris. Players will encounter spectacular stories as they grow stronger through various missions and raids to finally discover the Descendants' secret. Cooperation is crucial as players team up with one another in strategic 4-player boss fights where teamwork and tactics are key. New equipment, materials, and items obtained through a myriad of missions and boss fights will contribute to players’ character development.

I don't enjoy this type of games very much, but the reason I decided to try it was because of the different mechanics it offers. It's certainly not something that has left me completely surprised, but it's definitely something I might enjoy more in the future.
08 Jul 2024
I don't understand most of the negative reviews because there are microtransactions for some costumes and other things, but I don't see how they affect the game or give you superpowers since it's a PvE game. I can't imagine a company spending millions and giving away a game for free. Of course, there will be some microtransactions; otherwise, these companies would go out of business tomorrow. The game is free, and you can play and grind everything without spending any money. Personally, I've spent more than $100 because I like the game and I want to support the company to continue. I'm sure the game will be much better after seasons 1 and 2. Also, I don't see these kinds of comments when you have to buy a game for $70 and every DLC costs $30 or $40, and there are more microtransactions than in a free game! .
07 Jul 2024
P2W garbage
02 Jul 2024

Definitely worth a shot. A great PvE game which already has more content than Helldivers 2 (although Helldivers 2 is much more unique, well-thought and creative but the amount of content is serious underwhelming)

There's just not much story. Or at least it's not captivating.

The OST is very good. Surprisingly good, it captures the moments very well.

The graphics is also good, it's what you expect from a PS5 game but the motion capture is not there and sometimes makes the game feel clanky.

The gameplay is nothing unique. The abilities are just ok, the shooting is what you expect from a 3rd person shooter and there is no innovation there. But it's a great compliment to the structure of the game, the boss fights are good, the small fights in between missions while you are in the lobby with many people is fun and the missions are 3 or 4 person objectives which is - again - ok. The level designs might not be amazing but the aesthetic is very well done!

There is not much behind payed walls but the amount of money they ask for characters or cosmetics is absurdly high.

All in all, worth a shot.
12 Jul 2024
Game is fun but gets super repetitive. I usually like this type of games but the cosmetics are lack luster atm and cost to much. The grind isn't worth it imo.
17 Jul 2024
Fun game with great graphics. Until you reach a certain boss and can’t continue. Also horrible prices on the micro transactions.
07 Jul 2024
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