The Finals
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The Finals

07 Dec 2023

PlayStation 5 PC (Microsoft Windows) Xbox Series X|S
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Embark Studios
Embark Studios


Multiplayer Co-operative First person 🥊 Fighting 🔫 Shooter 🎮 Platform 🤔 Tactical 💥 Action

Join The Finals, the world-famous, free-to-play, combat-centered game show! Fight alongside your teammates in virtual arenas that you can alter, exploit, and even destroy. Build your own playstyle in this first-person shooter to win escalating tournaments and lasting fame. Can you reach The Finals?

Absolutely loving this game. It's a refresh on the fps multiplayer genre as a whole
31 Mar 2024
It's a good take on team based multiplayer shooter, the shooting does feel good and so does the various movements it provide.
I, like tf2, preferred to play as a healer (basically choosing a medium build, and then equipping the alternate healing gun throughout the game and focusing on my teammates than others) more than a shooter because that's where i excelled at, and i got very good.
Unfortunately, as of posting of this review, it still has like very few game modes and classes, and the load time on tournament mode was like really frustrating. So I found myself losing interest, which is unfortunate, because this game is really well done in all its gameplay aspects (and i didn't even mentioned how good the destruction physics is). But a lack of variety held it back for me.

I may visit it in future again, but a problem with me and online multi-player games is that if i once lose interest in them, i barely ever return.

Still, it's a good game and a free one. If you wanna play something in lieu of overwatch 2 being the travesty that it sounds like and tf2 not being updated that much, you can try it as a change of pace.
20 Jan 2024
Phenomenal movement shooter. Fun, short paced matches with a lot of action, some great destruction, and some stylish aesthetics. Really excited to see where this all goes.
11 Dec 2023
Best multiplayer shooter gameplay since apex.
27 Jan 2024
Once you play a match you'd want to play some more to the point that you won't be able to close the game
30 Dec 2023
Fun team based fps, good w friends dreadful w randoms. Will be a good game to revisit throughout the year. Throwing knife supremacy.
01 Mar 2024
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