The Amazing Spider-Man 2

29 Apr 2014

Wii U Xbox 360 PlayStation 4 PlayStation 3 Xbox One PC (Microsoft Windows)
5.2 rating
473 want
2010 played
202 playing
78 reviews
Square Enix



The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is an open-world action-adventure video game based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man and the 2014 film of the same name. Two years after the death of Ben Parker, Peter Parker his nephew gains special spider-like powers to become Spider-man. But now with the rise of enemies like Harry Osborn, kingpin, And the Russian Mob, Spider-man is in one of his biggest battles yet. However, he is not the only one hunting villains.

Enjoying but repetitive gameplay
11 Mar 2023
After finishing it I don't quite understand the hate. Its a solid spider-man game, I did like the story, it does a couple of things better than the previous one but also some things worse, overall I did had fun though. I think I liked the story better than the previous one, some gameplay elements are better others are worse. The side content is overall a let down,which holds it back, though. But it's not much weaker than the predecessor.
06 Mar 2024
i actually really enjoyed this game
04 Jan 2023
Played on: Playstation 4 (Standard)
Version: Playstation 4
Edition: Standard physical

Bad. The story is fucking ass (Although I did enjoy the Kraven storyline) & the voice acting is nightmare fuel. Also, why is Peter's body so odd? His head is small & body large? I mean seriously the mother fucker looks like Beetlejuice. This is saying a lot but, I think even the first is better...

Final verdict: Don't touch it
04 Apr 2022
Game of thrones
09 Aug 2023
Horrendous graphics, awful combat, bland story. The web swinging is garbage too. The only thing I liked were the suits and ability to control which side you wanted to connect your web too. Other than that, save your money for Spiderman PS4 and Miles Morales.
05 Aug 2020
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