Super Paper Mario

09 Apr 2007

Wii U Wii
7.8 rating
340 want
823 played
76 playing
34 reviews
Intelligent Systems



The newest chapter of the Paper Mario story isn't just out of this world... it's out of this dimension. What at first glance appears to be a 2D side-scroller ripped straight from the stylized pages of the Paper Mario universe soon turns into a hilarious dimension-shifting platformer possible only on Wii.

It was a fun game and very unique for its time. It might have been a bit too much dialog for my liking but it didn't completely ruin the fun experience.
23 Sep 2023
My favorite mario game ever! Loved that you could collect in-game character cards. Shoutout mimi and her sweatshop lmao
30 Jun 2023
Mi first Paper Mario,wasn't exactly the indicated for starters in the franchise but,i always knew that i was in front of some of the wierdest games i ever played,having very interesting mechanics on gameplay and the art fits very good aswell,a little big long because of the dialogues but is okay.
08 Mar 2023
So so so underrated. Super fun gameplay and a real tearjerker
24 Dec 2022
I absolutely loved this game so much. I wish i could play it again. All the memories of this game back when i was a kid playing in my wii returns every time someone mentions it. If someone never played this, they missed out so much. With eyes closed the best paper mario i ever played.
05 Jul 2024
It seems a lot of people don't like this game that much, but I really had a good time with It

Multiple characters, interesting plot, creative gameplay mechanics, new locations

it's just cool stuff for me, you know
23 Mar 2024
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