Super Mario 3D World

21 Nov 2013

Wii U
9.4 rating
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Super Mario 3D World is a 3D platformer action game for the Wii U, and a follow-up of the Nintendo 3DS installment Super Mario 3D Land. The game builds upon the previous installment, following a similar 3D level-design convention inspired from the 2D platformer titles where players must navigate through a linear-designed level within a time limit to reach a level's Goal Pole. One key aspect introduced in this title is the simultaneous multiplayer: while not the first game in the series to do so, it is the first 3D title in the Mario series to incorporate up to four players cooperating with each other to reach the goal. Players can select their character from a pool of playable characters prior to starting the game, and each of these characters have their own unique playstyle that gives them advantages and disadvantages over other characters. The game makes use of several Wii U exclusive features, such as tapping blocks with the touch screen on the GamePad and blowing into the mic to reveal hidden items and blow away enemies. Various new power-ups are introduced in this title, with the trademark suit being the Cat power-up, which enables characters to perform a melee attack, climb up walls, and leap while midair, as well as the game generally having a cat-based theme.

Really surprising how good this is, wasn't what Nintendo needed at the time though
15 Dec 2023
bowser furry
13 Jan 2023
alot of fun.
19 Dec 2022
Fun and simple mario game, but the movement was just too limited
24 Feb 2023
genuinely so fun , music is awesome especially in bowers section
04 Jan 2023
i want to play this
04 Dec 2022
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