Super Mario Galaxy
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Super Mario Galaxy

01 Nov 2007

9.9 rating
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Single player Co-operative Third person 🎮 Platform 🏹 Adventure 💥 Action 🛸 Science fiction

A 3D platformer and first Wii entry in the Super Mario franchise, Super Mario Galaxy sees Mario jump across planets and galaxies with varying items, enemies, geographies and gravity mechanics in order to reach his enemy Bowser, who has attacked the Mushroom Kingdom and hijacked Princess Peach's castle with her inside.

11 Nov 2021
The best game for the Wii and one of the best mechanics of Mario Games with the little Star and the thematic of the space and universe is just magic ✨❤️
09 Feb 2022
The equivalent of a Spielberg's fantasy into a video game.
08 Aug 2023
Although this isn't my favorite 3d Mario game, I can't deny it's greatness. The level designs are incredible, with memorable planets and areas to explore that always brings back warm memories when thinking of this game. With the switch port for this game, there are now 2 ways to play this must play game, and for whoever hasn't yet, this is a must play game that leaves all its players super nostalgic after beating it
30 Dec 2023
Everything about this game is good
27 Dec 2023
This is a great game, but I think it's overrated. A lot of the levels are too linear especially compared to Mario 64 and Sunshine. The creativity of the zero gravity is awesome, but there wasn't much challenge to the platforming besides the underwater/swimming sections. The boss fights are the highlight. I wish I could compare it with Mario Galaxy 2.
14 Dec 2023
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