Sheepy: A Short Adventure
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Sheepy: A Short Adventure

06 Feb 2024

PC (Microsoft Windows)
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Sheepy: A Short Adventure is a short handcrafted pixel art platformer that follows Sheepy, an abandoned plushy brought to life.

How can you make a game so Cute but make it Free ?
A short little adventure that can be beaten in an hour.This is the best free game I have ever played.
Its short,its sweet,its mesmerizing.
Definitely has potential to be like Ori.
30 Mar 2024
This game is short platform adventure, about 1.5-2 hours long first playthrough. It has beautiful pixelart, controlls feels good and it has a pretty cool world building.

This game is free on Steam. I really recommend people to try it out and also to support the devs if you like it!
25 Feb 2024
very good game, story is very interesting and i want more
09 Mar 2024
A short yet fun adventure, and although the sheep is cute, this is totally opposite. Had fun. The retro graphics are awesome.
17 Feb 2024
Metroidvania très accessible aux néophytes et sûrement très plaisant pour les amateurs du genre.
🎨 Une DA exceptionnelle.
🎵 Une bande son extrêmement qualitative.
🎮 Gameplay facile à prendre en main et agréable à jouer.
🆓️ C'est gratuit.
C'est une expérience courte mais qui vaut largement le coup.
👍 Facilement recommandable. Foncez.
16 Feb 2024
Un juego gratis que está mejor que muchos de pago, es un plataformas muy bien hecho que en 1 hora te hace pensar que cómo es posible que sea free to play.

Solo instala el hp juego y disfrutalo, luego me das las gracias.
19 May 2024
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