Pokémon Sword

15 Nov 2019

Nintendo Switch
8.2 rating
1161 want
5835 played
549 playing
199 reviews
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Unsheathe your sword and take up your shield! The world of Pokémon expands to include the Galar region in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield!

I couldn't finish it. It just didn't grab my attention enough to bother with it for long. Guess my time as a child with pokemon isn't meant to be repeated. And that's okay.
20 Apr 2024
I didn't really care for the story, or the national dex, but the animation in this game sucks, the legendaries are boring, and the whole experience was agressively average.
01 Mar 2024
I liked this game. The combat feels like classic pokemon and exploration feels good, some online features feel kinda off and the story is so bland, but overall its a fun experience. Good game for beginners
24 Jan 2024
I miss when this was the worse pokemon game. But I don't know as ugly as it is, as glitch as it is, as down right repetive as it is..... It's still very bad but hey the new pokemon are cool. This game is slept on in terms of how good all the new pokemon are. Centiscortch. Sir fetched, duraladon, fucking obstsgoon. The raids are always really good I don't know why they changed the system cause it worked really well in this game. However that's about all the credit I feel comfortable giving because don't get me wrong, this game still sucks.

My team consisted of inteleon, orbeatle, obstsgoon, corviknight, sir fetched, and centiscortch. I LOVE OBSTAGOON.
02 Dec 2023
a pretty solid entry in the pokemon franchise outside of a few issues this was a fun comfy time
25 May 2023
Storytelling :
6/10 (Good Story with Abit of Lore)
Gameplay :
9/10 (Amazing Gameplay with Satisfying Mechanics)
Graphics/Artstyle :
7/10 (Good graphics and intresting artstyle)
Characters/Dialogue :
8/10 (Good characters, great new Pokémon and still no fucking voice acting come on)
Audio Design/Music :
8/10 (Great audio design with some bangers)
Postgame content :
4/5 (Post game story, and new areas)

Overall : 42/50 | 76% (B)

-Bonus Ratings-

Gameplay length :
3/5 (Decently long, 8-15 hours)
Price :
4/5 (Worth the price!)
Difficulty :
2/5 (Requires at least 30 IQ)
Multiplayer :
4/5 (Alot of online play)

P.O :
Personally I really enjoyed my playthrough of Sword, I think Gen 8 is one of the strongest Gens of Pokémon in roster, so many cool Mons, game is still piss easy and I personally really like Dynamax, it's definitely more balanced than Mega Evolution and Gym Leaders actually Dynamax!
Overall not a necessity for a Pokémon fan but definitely not the worst Pokémon game.
17 May 2023
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