Lies of P

18 Sep 2023

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Round8 Studio



Inspired by the familiar story of Pinocchio, Lies of P is an action souls-like game set in a dark Belle Époque world. Guide Pinocchio on his unrelenting journey to become human.

Enemy attacks aren't well designed and gets chaotic easily, leaving you no chance at reading them!

Let alone the Spam attacks they throw at you, which doubles the difficulty at finding a good opportunity to strike..

Lies of P might be among the best soulsborne indie aside from Hollow Knight, but it’s far from perfect.
22 Sep 2023
Soulsbourne fans... DO 👏 NOT 👏 SLEEP 👏 ON 👏 THIS.

When I first saw this game, I thought this was gonna be another cheaply made Souls-like clone number 30000, but lies of P really feels like a Fromsoft level game, arguably sometimes even better.

The best way to describe Lies of P is that it is Bloodborne, with the setting of Pinocchio in 19th Century France. And it works really really well.

The gameplay itself is closest to Bloodborne, but it has elements of Sekiro too due to its perfect parry system, which you can entirely ignore if you don't like to parry, and just dodge like you would in Bloodborne. The gameplay itself doesn't do anything new or astonishing that differs itself from Bloodborne, but man it copies it REAL good. The feeling of the gameplay feels JUST right, like an even more fine-tuned Bloodborne.

The absolute best and Super genius thing about this game that is better than any Fromsoft game is the weapon modification system. Basically all weapons are split up into head (blade) and handle, and you can literally mix and match any of these. I.e you like fire blade but don't like how it's a spear weapon? No problem, just remove the fire blade and put it on a sword handle, and now you have a fire sword... Or you can put on a dagger handle and now you have a fire dagger. For each weapon there is a unquie head you can mix and match with a unique handle. Testing which heads go with which handles was so satisfying when you find the right weapon for you. The potential of this system is amazing and limitless and I hope I see it in other games.

There are 2 things here however that prevent Lies of P from getting a 10.

One aspect is the writing. If you compare the writing in this game to a Fromsoft game, you will think Elden Ring is Shakespearian while Lies of P is written by modern Hollywood writers. There is literally "erm, that just happened" dialogue in this game. Which is really out of place for a dark story like this. Despite the writing though, I still like the story and characters here.

The other aspect that could be improved is the linearity. Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for an Elden Ring level open world, however Dark Souls is linear and pulls off exploration very well due to the amount of optional and alternative areas and bosses the game includes. Lies of P has a total of 1 optional area and zero optional "bosses". There are paths that diverge but they're really small areas that just lead to an extra item. Lies or P compared to the original dark souls is very linear and I disappointed that I couldn't find much else to do before fighting the final boss.

I really hope these two aspects are improved in the sequel, which they did tease in the after credits. Now I won't spoil much, but they seem to be teasing some soft of Fairy Tale soulslike shared universe, which is honestly really exciting for me. I am a big fan of alternative fairy tale stories.

Lies of P is a statement that there are still devs out here in the AA world that deliver a AAA level quality game, that is very polished and emulates the game it's inspired by very well. This game restores my faith in the AA industry.
27 Nov 2023
What a beautiful blend of Bloodborne and Sekiro.
14 Oct 2023

I Lied so much that I literally cried.
Holy Sheet,this game is a masterpiece.
Not just Neowiz made a Soulslike but it also made Fromsoftware rivalvy when it comes to future games,It's that fuckin good.
Its like they studied every pattern,researched every nook and cranny of what makes a Souls game extraordinary with fascinating Lore and adapted into its own kind of thing.
While bloodbourne and Sekiro are huge inspiration of this game with world design and adding prosthetics,What makes it so good is that 'it fucking works' with their own story,fairytale lore based on The Adventure of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi.
Round8 studio studied it, learned it,mastered it,adapted it in how to make a successful story with its gameplay and world design.
Krat is horrifying beautiful.
Linear level design but damn finding shortcuts and exploring every bit of information and collectible is so well done,i put countless hours into it and it definitely quenched my thirst.
Even side quests are fantastically done where each Npc has a story to tell.
Yes NPCs with Animal masks,there's lore behind it too,I cannot explain too much,its a Soul's game,You need to experience yourself.
The Music slaps hard man,that 'Feel' song by Seong jayeong is so touching.Every puppet will become human if they listened to it.
Making a game with so much creativity and love is Rare,extremely Rare.
They really nailed the combat system by changing blades and grips,giving you so many choices,trying every possible weapon that handles you very well,this works phenomenal when you're in Boss fight and can change in so many variations giving you the best build you can make.
Is it difficult? Fuck yeah.
How can you beat a boss continuously for 3 hours straight without any frustration but affected so much from the story and really don't want to end.
Yes I m talking about the Nameless one.
They made it so good that it can be a game changer in this genre with the unique combat system and polished mechanism.
Golden Tree is fascinating to me because it helps alot.
If there's nothing like Sekiro and bloodbourne,there's nothing like Lies of P and I mean it.
How come this one was not nominated for GOTY is beyond my understanding.
This is a masterpiece and every gamer should play this even if you have never played a Soul's game since you can Summon npc in every Boss fight except the secret one,making it easier but not that easier.



You can't compare any games with fromsoftware,but this one,this one fucking did and I m utterly blown away from this studio.
Imagine if their next big step is making an open world like Elden ring.
Maybe they can !
31 Mar 2024
14 Oct 2023
Quite frankly, my favorite soulsborne of all time. The first game I finished twice in a row.
09 Oct 2023
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