06 Jun 2024

PlayStation 5 PC (Microsoft Windows) Xbox Series X|S
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Astral Clocktower Studios
Astral Clocktower Studios



Story-rich Dark Fantasy ARPG Kristala features a mix of compact/open levels, tons of classic RPG elements, and an emphasis on soulslike mechanics. Play as a catlike warrior from one of six clans, each with its own unique magic specialty. Your goal is to master the magics of the six sacred Kristals in hopes of becoming a Raksaka Warrior - a powerful protector of your species. Simultaneously, you must uncover the source of a dark curse that has mutated Ailur’s creatures into bloodthirsty monsters. In Kristala, you must choose your own style of combat. Avoid damage by blocking, dashing/rolling, and deflecting attacks; combo light and heavy attacks; utilize multiple weapon abilities; and cast numerous spells. Your catlike character will be fully customizable via various Talent Trees - including an innovative Feline Skill tree that allows you to unlock and level a multitude of feline-related skills.

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