24 Sep 2001

PlayStation 2
9.7 rating
815 want
864 played
47 playing
24 reviews
Team Ico
Sony Computer Entertainment



An action-adventure game in which a boy is abandoned and taken to a massive castle by his people. After exploring it for a while, he meets a girl who speaks a different language than him, then decides to get both of them out of the castle grounds by leading her along, in order to escape the shadow-like creatures that frequently try to kidnap the girl.

I love this game, love the ambience and the feelings it gives.
10 Jun 2021
The mystery atmosphere revolving ICO is magical, the combat is simple and repetitive, it’s a great adventure with a few mechanical issues.
12 Jan 2024
Amazing game worth playing and my time. What an adventure.

What I like:
- The story is simple but interesting
- Level design is great, every object and placement has a purpose
- The puzzle is balanced, not that hard but still challenging
- Yorda

What I don't like:
- The graphics are too dark, sometimes key objects such as doors or stairs are unnoticeable at first.
- Ico's control and camera placement are clumsy. Often result in death by falling off of a cliff
- The battle is annoying feels unnecessary
06 Feb 2021
Game is lame, puzzly and boring
21 Dec 2023
the second game I've played from Design game's .Fumito Ueda is one of the best game designer's
19 Jun 2020
Best story game I've ever played.
07 Jan 2024
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