Death Stranding: Director's Cut

24 Sep 2021

PlayStation 5 Mac iOS PC (Microsoft Windows)
9.1 rating
1082 want
1749 played
438 playing
94 reviews
Kojima Productions
505 Games
Sony Interactive Entertainment


Single player Third person 🏹 Adventure 💥 Action 🛸 Science fiction 🏕️ Survival 🚶 Stealth 🌍 Open world

From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes a genre-defying experience, now expanded and remastered for PS5 in this definitive Director's Cut. Experience an extended storyline through new missions in an expanded area. Make use of additional weapons and vehicles, take on new enemy types and explore new locations such as the Firing Range and Racetrack, featuring extra missions and minigames. Stay connected with other players from around the globe.

In ps5 this game is an absolute masterpiece. Honestly I saw so many crítics review, users review, saying that this game wasnt worth it, but I finallu decided to give it a try and its an stunning game. The gameplay is something that will keep your mind engaged, you have to be constantly thinking on the best aprroach to deliver the packages, the history is very good and the graphics are gorgeus
13 Dec 2021
Fantastic experience all the way through. While some of the story elements are truly confusing, it ultimately has a great narrative. The gameplay is truly unique and the connections with "other" players is super cool and useful. Glad I finally played this game, I'm ready for the sequel.
15 Mar 2024
Graphic is amazing and light/shawdows management is at his best
The idea are thoughtful and you end up having another conception of how we should cooperate with each other in real life
The story is interesting and thrilling even though at certain points seems to be gaining time for the next turn of events
The ending is moving and unexpected
Character design is alright

The gameplay is not horrible but so reiterative that at some point results in being boring
Riding vehicles is just frustrating and annoying
Enemies (mules and BTs) have no personality and almost add nothing to the game
Menus could have been better designed, sometimes they are not straightforward and it takes a while to get used to them
Too many cutscenes in moments where there should not be any (before getting into the private room, when you have a shower - there is 4!)

All in all I liked it and played it enjoying myself but if I am honest I would not play another title of the series. Kojima’s ideas add sth to the industry because one cannot ignore that this game is different and have some interesting concepts to be developed further. However it stays that the repetitiveness of the gameplay pushes away from it and this needs to be considered if a player is not that patient.
11 Dec 2023
تحفة فنية

it's a masterpiece
26 Mar 2024
Bro honestly, this isn’t even good. It’s such a beautiful game. I get what they are trying to do, but so god damn confusing.
05 Mar 2024
Great Story
27 Feb 2024
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