Blasphemous II

24 Aug 2023

Xbox One Xbox Series X|S PC (Microsoft Windows) PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 Nintendo Switch
8.9 rating
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The Penitent One awakens as Blasphemous 2 joins him once again in an endless struggle against The Miracle. Dive into a perilous new world filled with mysteries and secrets to discover, and tear your way through monstrous foes that stand between you and your quest to end the cycle one and for all.

This is basically just Blasphemous 1 but way less frustrating. Spikes no longer instantly kill you (thank God) and the game runs buttery-smooth on Switch. The First Penitent One boss nearly gave me a panic attack though.
Also, the new flail weapon is so satisfying to use and the platforming has been greatly improved. It does feel like it's missing a certain charm or something that the first game had but it's better in every other way.
19 Apr 2024
Ended up frustrated again. I dont have the skill nor the patience or time to beat the final boss, exactly the same issue I had with the first title. It's horrible when you really enjoy a game but then you fall short at the VERY end. Don't get me wrong, the game is genuinely great, a clear improvement over the first title, but the insanely difficulty ramp up for the final boss again?? Why? It's enough to put me off and not buy any dlc to come because I couldnt beat the main story...why should I? It loses a big point but I cannot give it less than an 8, but yeah, I'll be looking elsewhere if a third installment comes out...I pity myself :)
10 Sep 2023
My first platinum of 2024. This game is incredible. Surpassed my love of the first one which I didn’t think it would. Cannot recommend enough.
05 Mar 2024
Blasphemous 2 takes its prequel and brings it to the next level in terms of art direction, game mechanics and combat system.

I loved the sense of progression in Blasphemous 2: exploring the map leads to a ton of NPCs, collectibles, secrets and side quests which always result interesting and rewarding. Moreover, the combat system felt more engaging, thanks to the three interchangeable weapons and their respective tree of skills to be improved.

What REALLY amazed me the most, however, was the art direction. In particular, the quality (and variety) of the game biomes: each area is memorable, with incredible pixel art backgrounds. The concept behind each zone also affects its level design and its shape on the map.

What I didn’t like:

- I think that 50% of the bosses are not memorable, both in terms of design and battle mechanics. In addition, the difficulty curve of boss fights seems to be unbalanced sometimes.

- Most of the normal enemies have combat patterns that are very easy to detect

- Even if less cryptic compared to the previous chapter, I think that the story could have been more comprehensible
08 Oct 2023
A competent metroidvania, with beautiful art direction and a great soundtrack.

The progression felt kinda slow at fist depending on where you go, and some of the enemy placement is frustrating.

The bosses are the highlight of this game and they're mostly good, overall this was an enjoyable experience.
11 Nov 2023
There are a huge improvement from the first part of the game it is an incredible experience
Man i loved this game so much
11 Oct 2023
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