Astral Chain
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Astral Chain

30 Aug 2019

Nintendo Switch
8.9 rating
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Single player Multiplayer Co-operative Third person ⚔️ Slasher 🏹 Adventure 💥 Action 🛸 Science fiction

ASTRAL CHAIN, a brand new action game from PlatinumGames, exclusive to Nintendo Switch! As part of a police special task force, it’s up to you to fight against mysterious, alien-like creatures who have invaded the world.

I thought this game was awesome and I'm already waiting for Asral Chain 2. It always was packed with a boatload of things to do and new experiences. I loved how you have to be strategic in your fights and can play anyway you wish to complete challenges. It was fun collecting all the unique outfits and reading the funny, sad, and great stories. Highly recommend this game.
29 Jun 2022
Definitely weakest platinum game.

Waste of money
05 Apr 2024
Astrial Chain is a clear example of why platinum games dominates the action genre. With its over the top boss battles and fast paced combat system this title with have your jaw dropping with stunning visuals as the combos fly.

An excellent control system that allows the player control of two characters in real time work perfectly.

The game although more about its adrenaline pumping action, does deliver a fairly solid story with some pretty emotional moments.

Looks gorgeous in held mode especially on the OLED screen.
03 Dec 2023
Great NSwitch game! Good combat system and story!
14 Oct 2023
The aesthetic, combat and music are incredible. Some of PlatinumGames' best work. The stealth and investigation parts may not be everyone's cup of tea but the former is very rare and the latter doesn't overstay its welcome if you are attentive to your surroundings. I still come back to the post game to this day. Underrated.
30 Jul 2023
A really unique game by platinum. The idea of controlling both the main character and his 'partner' at the same time is really cool and executed really well. The chain connecting them is such a integral part of the combat and it feels incredible. Game is also beautiful on the switch. A sequel done right could be an underrated masterpiece
30 Nov 2023
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